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Poems rain over Milan

Our Italian team has played a key role in a high-profile public art event that has seen 100,000 poems dropped from the skies over the city of Milan, Italy.

Following the last successful event in London in 2012, also supported by Chapman Freeborn, the team were responsible for organising the charter of an Agusta 109 helicopter to drop nearly half a ton of poems over Milan’s Cathedral Square.

The aptly named Rain of Poems event, organised by Chilean art collective Casagrande, aims to commemorate cities that have suffered from aerial bombings in the past.


As well as the London event, Chapman Freeborn has previously assisted in the arrangements of poetry bombing events in Berlin (2010) and Warsaw (2009), with previous events taking place over Santiago de Chile, Dubrovnik and Gernika.

Over six thousand people came to watch the display and catch poems written by over 80 contemporary authors from Chile and Italy.


Our Italian team were on hand to provide the extensive air charter expertise required for an operation of this kind, with over 20 separate types of permission needed to be secured for the helicopter flight over the city.

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