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Tokyo blazes a trail at the forefront of innovation with its thrillingly diverse sprawl of a city. But it is equally enamoured of its historic roots, with ancient rituals and traditions as entrenched and admired as its futuristic architecture and cutting-edge designs are celebrated.

After your international charter flight lands at Narita or Haneda airports, it’s a 60km drive (from Narita) or 30km (from Haneda) to the city centre.

The sleek Mandarin Oriental hotel, in the Nihonbashi district, has breathtaking views of the city and offers diners 12 different restaurants, with everything from molecular gastronomy to a pizza joint.

For a much more private stay, Trunk (House) is an uber-exclusive one-bedroom hotel in the Shinjuku area, nestled among a maze of tiny lanes.

Geishas used to be trained in the building which now houses the ‘world’s smallest disco’, four butlers and two private chefs ready to whip up softshell turtle, kobe beef cutlet and every kind of beverage from cutting-edge cocktails in a mirror ball cup to a traditional Japanese tea service.

The Palace Hotel – unusually for Tokyo – has balconies where guests can overlook the Imperial Palace moat in the heart of the city.

It boasts a pure white Evian-themed spa, 10 restaurants including Wadakura (a network of food spaces) and the opportunity to book private excursions such as lunch with sumo wrestlers.

Tokyo is well-known for its incredible restaurants and the city holds more Michelin stars than anywhere else in the world.

Amamoto offers eight lucky diners flawless sushi at its two Michelin star restaurant, with delicacies such as black-throat sea perch and hiragomasaba mackerel and a front row seat to watch the painstaking preparation.

The Den restaurant, which builds on formal Japanese traditions but with a warmer welcome and a wittier menu, has not only made the world’s top 50 list this year, it has also been named the best restaurant in Asia. Diners can enjoy treats such as miso-marinated foie gras with kumquat jam and pickled cucumber and ‘Dentucky’ Fried Chicken.

Or for something more casual (but also Michelin-starred), tuck into a bowl of ramen at Ginza Hachigo. The six-seat restaurant boasts a broth made of chicken, duck, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, dried tomato and uncured ham, for an umami-rich blend of Eastern and Western flavours.

If poring over menus has left you in need of a drink, visit Bar Orchard Ginza where there’s no need to even pick one up – just choose from the seasonal fruit displayed on the bar and the staff will whip you up an inventive bespoke cocktail.

Attractions include jostling with the crowds at the famous Shibuya crossing, the most iconic landmark in Tokyo, where half-a-million people use the world’s busiest crossing every day – while captured by countless photographers.

For a more relaxing experience, you can watch sumo wrestlers train or indulge in a historic Japanese tea ceremony.

If you’re visiting by private aircraft charter in the spring, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning cherry blossoms which turn the city into a riot of pink and white.

Indeed, spring is one of the best times to take your private jet charter to Tokyo – March and April, or September to November, offer the tourist either the cherry blossoms blooming or the beautiful autumn foliage colours, as well as the most temperate weather conditions.

Whether you want to enjoy the city’s cutting-edge glamour or soak up its heritage, enjoy a multi-course tasting menu or a simple bowl of ramen, Tokyo has something for every traveller. Book your private jet charter to Tokyo, contact our specialist team today.


Ibaraki Airport




Ibaraki Airport (IBR), 1601-55 Yozawa, Omitama-shi, Ibaraki-ken 311-3416, Japan

Distance from Tokyo:

65 miles

Ibaraki Airport is a popular private jet destination in Japan. If you would like to book a private jet to or from Ibaraki Airport, contact us for a quote.

Haneda Airport




Haneda Airport (HND), 3 Chome Hanedakūkō, Ōta-ku, Tōkyō-to 144-0041, Japan

Distance from Tokyo:

9.6 miles

Haneda Airport is a popular private jet destination in Japan. If you would like to book a private jet to or from Haneda Airport, contact us for a quote.

Narita International Airport




Narita International Airport (NRT), 1-1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken 282-0004, Japan

Distance from Tokyo:

52.3 miles

Narita International Airport is a popular private jet destination in Japan. If you would like to book a private jet to or from Narita International Airport, contact us for a quote.