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Port Moresby air cargo charter helps avert power shortage

Chapman Freeborn’s Australia team has recently performed a time-critical air charter flight to move a gas turbine from Dallas, Texas to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

A power generation fault was risking shortage of power supply to the town of Port Moresby and a gas turbine had to be transported urgently via air charter to avert blackouts. The 11 ton cargo was transported on a full charter flight utilising a Boeing B747 freighter from Atlas Air.

Michael Amson, air cargo charter specialist at Chapman Freeborn Australia, says:

“The urgency of the situation ruled out sea freight. Although going by scheduled service was an option, it risked missed connections, further delays and extra handling; additionally, transhipment in Australia would be required to get the cargo to its destination. The client sought air charter because it was the best transportation solution – we provided a solution that was direct, with minimal and controlled handling.”

Although offloading in Port Moresby was a challenge, knowledge of aircraft capability and ground situation enabled our air charter specialists to quickly deploy the correct resources for the task.

Chapman Freeborn’s extensive aviation network and strong relationship with operators have enabled our air charter specialists to source for the best aircraft available and deliver cost effective air charter solutions to meet our clients’ budget and requirements.

 Photo: A chartered Boeing B747-400F taking flight