North America

When it comes to private jet charter to North America, Chapman Freeborn has decades of experience in making sure both business and holiday travellers take best advantage of this vast region and what it has to offer. We have offices across the United States that cater for private jet hire and naturally have the huge Canada well covered. The former is often more business orientated, while Canada is growing in popularity for private jet hire that allows travellers to enjoy the extensive opportunities – in particular the winter sports.

The Caribbean has long been one of the most popular private jet destinations and with flight times from the UK around in the 8-10-hour range, we get many requests for bookings. Private jet charters save significant time at checkouts and the flexibility we offer allows travellers to build their own itinerary and not be limited by scheduled flights. Island hopping and getting to know multiple countries is a natural joy with private jet hire and given the proximity to the United States we can often build Caribbean and other North American legs into the itinerary.

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