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Private Jet Focus: Gulfstream G650

The new top-of-the-line Gulfstream G650 is designed with business travel in mind. The ultra-long-range private jet features a large spacious cabin and is capable of city pairings such as New York to Beijing – making it a highly attractive option for executive travel.

It’s impressive flight range will also make it a popular private jet choice for entertainment industry clients. The G650 can fly VIPs from Los Angeles to London or Tokyo to Los Angeles in record breaking time.

Claudette Gharbi, head of Chapman Freeborn’s private jet division, said:

“We’re expecting the G650 to be a great success once it is tested for different missions. Lovers of the G550 will hop onto the G650 jet in a heartbeat. It offers huge windows, a larger and longer cabin, bigger hold and great range.

“So far only a few have been delivered to private owners – and they are likely to test them out for a while before these aircraft hit the charter market. If anything, the delays will make the G650 an even more special and sought-after private jet.”

Even through the G650 is in a completely new market segment sitting between existing purpose-designed and airliner-based business aircraft, it will have the Bombardier’s Global Express XRS as its competition.

Here is a breakdown of how the G650 compares to its predecessor and closest market rival:

Rank Gulfstream G550 Gulfstream G650 Bombardier Global Express XRS
Length 96.4ft 99.75ft 99.4ft
Span 93.5ft 99.6ft 94in
Cabin width 84in 98in 98in
Cabin height 72in 75in 75in
Powerplant 2 x R-R BR710 2 x R-R BR725 2 x R-RBR710
TO thrust 15,385lb 16,100lb 14,750lb
Maximum TO 91,000lb 99,600lb 98,000lb
Maximum fuel 41,300;b 44,200lb 44,975lb
Long-range cruise 6,750nm @ M0.80 7,000nm @ M0.85 6,150nm @ M0.85
High-speed cruise 6,000nm @ M0.80 5,000nm @ M0.90 5,450nm @ M0.87
Max operating Mach number M0.885 M0.925 M0.89
TO distance 5,910ft <6,000ft 6,190ft
Max altitude 51,000ft 51,000ft 51,000ft

In terms of its technical specifications, the Rolls-Royce BR725 engines in the G650 are 4.6 per cent more powerful than the current BR710s powering the G550 jet. Having a new swept-blade fan will reduce the fuel burn and noise, the new combustor reduces emissions.

The oval windows which are the signature of the Gulfstream are 16 per cent larger and now have additional two windows added making eight per side.

The distance between windows has increased to provide a greater seat pitch. Also added to the G650 jet are two new large over-wing exits per side with a larger cabin entry door.

With the private jet charter industry gaining altitude once again, the new G650 is well-suited to the very top end of the market that are always looking for the biggest and fastest jets that money can buy.

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Images appear courtesy of © Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation