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Private Jet Focus: Pilatus PC-24

One of the key talking points at NBAA 2013 was the growing importance of new business aviation markets to the industry’s future.

Key manufacturers are increasingly targeting regions like Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific for sales growth – and some are now also adapting their jet designs with emerging markets in mind.

One of the interesting aircraft making its US debut at NBAA 2013 was a mock-up of the Pilatus PC-24 – a super versatile jet designed to bring business aviation to new territories.

Initially unveiled at EBACE in May, the twin-jet PC-24 is set to be the first private jet worldwide with the ability to use very short paved or unpaved runways. According to Pilatus, the jet will give flyers access to twice as many airports around the world.

The aircraft will be certified for single pilot operation and has seats for six to eight passengers or up to 10 in commuter configuration.

Iain Clark, Managing Director of Chapman Freeborn Africa, points out that the PC-24 will bring a new level of versatility and convenience to private jet charter clients in emerging markets.

“The PC-24 will potentially prove invaluable for clients such as the mining and energy specialists and executives travelling to the remote locations. The jet’s capability to land in unpaved runways will bring something totally new to the market.”

He adds that, as the first private jet to feature a standard pallet-sized cargo door, the PC-24 is likely to be popular for other missions including freight movements and medevac flights.

The PC-24 jet is set to cost in the region of $9 million and is scheduled for certification in 2017.

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Photo appears courtesy of Pilatus.