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Private jet manufacturers: Airbus Corporate Jets

Airbus Corporate Jets are one of the eight major business jet manufacturers, and one of the best known companies in the world in regards to aviation.

The majority of people who fly frequently will have flown on an Airbus aircraft at some point, and many corporate jet customers choose Airbus for a variety of reasons. These include the excellent reputation, comfortable flight experience and the variety of interior configuration options, allowing them to choose the features and facilities that will best suit them.

Airbus Corporate Jets are based in Toulouse, in the Midi-Pyrenees region of the south west of France. They were first established as a business jet manufacturer in 1997, although have been constructing commercial aircraft since they were first founded in 1969.


They formed Airbus Executive and Private Aviation, and this runs alongside the production of large aircraft, which are used across the world by many different commercial airlines.

The global use of Airbus commercial aircraft means that Airbus customers are never far from specialist Airbus maintenance and support staff. This makes it easy for any maintenance or cosmetic work to be carried out across the world. At present, over 300 airlines operate Airbus aircraft, with almost 16,000 orders being placed in their 46-year history.

All Airbus aircraft are constructed in their headquarters in Toulouse, and many are taken to their other manufacturing site in Hamburg, Germany, for finishing touches.


Airbus exclusively construct large airliners, however, each of their models can be converted into corporate or VIP versions. This includes the mammoth A380, which, when configured for commercial airline use, can hold up to 555 passengers on in its double decker interior.

The most popular of the business jets built by Airbus are ACJ318s, ACJ319s, ACJ320s and ACJ321s. Each of these models is different and can seat between 15 and 50 passengers, depending on their specific configurations. They feature cabins that are almost twice the width of traditional high-end business jets, without being much larger on the outside.

At the end of 2010 Airbus announced the next generation of their A320 family of aircraft, which they had been working on since 2006. These include newer, more environmentally friendly and more powerful engines, and have distinctive curved winglets, which have been dubbed Sharklets. Airbus promised improvements in cabin comfort for passengers and increased fuel capacity, as well as more economical use of fuel. Their new range of A320s can fly faster, further and more smoothly.


There is an international network of cabin designers and outfitters who can help Airbus customers with the interior design and layout of their cabin, ensuring their corporate jets perform in exactly the way they want them to and have all the features and facilities required from a high-end jet.

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