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Private jet manufacturers: Boeing Business Jets

William Boeing first established The Boeing Company in 1916 and it has grown into becoming the world’s largest aerospace company. Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) was later founded in 1996 specifically for the corporate and private jet market.

BBJ launched initially with their 737 series of commercial aircraft being modified and refurbished in order to appeal to the corporate market. This is the Boeing Business Jet 1 and it usually holds between 25 and 50 passengers, depending on the specific configuration. This can include a master bedroom, washroom with showers, a conference or dining area and a living area. Other modifications include blended winglets for additional fuel economy, self-contained air stairs for embarking and disembarking at airports with limited group support, and additional fuel tanks for intercontinental range.


In recent years, Boeing Business Jets have used configurations based on the 777, 787 and 747 commercial aircrafts. All models included changes to the airframe, such as blended winglets, narrower frames and modifications to improve fuel economy. Boeing’s latest major development was in 2011, when the board approved the launch of the 737MAX series of aircraft. This came almost a year after Airbus launched their A320neo family, which is one of the main competitors of the Boeing 737.


Most recently, Boeing Business Jets announced the launch and first sale of their BBJ MAX 9 at the Paris Airshow in June 2015. President of Boeing Business Jets, David Longridge, stated that “while maintaining the unmatched cabin comfort of today’s BBJ, the BBJ MAX’s lower fuel use, increased range capability, updated flight deck, lower noise and reduced emissions enable the airplane to better meet the diverse needs of our VIP customers”.

All versions of Boeing Business Jets remain popular today with private and corporate jet owners and operators. Between 1996 and March 2015, more than 200 aircraft had been delivered to customers. There are also a further 24 aircraft that are on order that haven’t yet been delivered.


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