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Private Jet Manufacturers: Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is a global French aircraft manufacturer of regional and business jets, and is a subsidiary of the Dassault Group. The company was first established in 1929 by Marcel Bloch, and was named Société des Avions Marcel Bloch. Bloch later changed his name to Marcel Dassault and subsequently changed the name of the company to Avions Marcel Dassult in January 1947.

1971 saw Dassault purchasing Breguet Aviation, a French aircraft manufacturer that was established in 1911, and the company changed its name once again  to Dassault Aviation in 1990.


Dassault employs around 12,000 people, of which 9,000 of these are based in France, as the headquarters of the company is in Paris. They have a commercial presence in more than eighty countries around the world and have service and maintenance engineers in several further locations.

In 1954, a sketch was produced of a small business jet that would carry two jet engines under the wing. It was to be called The Méditerranée, however, it was never constructed, as it was reported that it would be too expensive to mass-produce. Then, in 1963, a prototype for the Mystère 20 emerged, and was very similar to the Méditerranée design from nine years previous. This was Dassault’s first private jet design and it paved the way for the iconic Falcon series that was to come.


In 1965 The Mystère 20 was given its certificate of airworthiness and around 500 were produced. The name was changed to the Falcon 20 in 1966 and several different Falcon models have been produced since then. At present, there are the Falcon 8X, Falcon 7X, Falcon 5X, Falcon 2000S, Falcon 2000LXS and the Falcon 900LX models.

The Falcon series of business jets are extremely popular with aviation enthusiasts and owners around the world. Each of the Falcon models have remarkably good fuel economy and low emissions when compared to other business jets by other manufacturers of the same sizes. The range of aircraft also retain their value by around 10% more over the long term than their competitors models. This makes them a sound investment for anyone looking to ensure the value of their aircraft doesn’t dramatically fall in the years after purchase.

The 2000LXS and 2000S models can comfortably seat between eight and ten passengers, and the larger 8X and 7X can hold up to eighteen. The Falcon 8X has a range of almost 12,000 kilometres and a maximum altitude of 15,545 metres.


The interior of each Falcon is highly customizable in order to meet the needs and requirements of their owners. The exterior construction process begins in France, where the airframe, engine and avionics are assembled and in Arkansas, USA, the interior is hand crafted to the exact specifications stated.

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