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Private jet manufacturers launch new aircraft designs at NBAA 2012

This week Orlando played host to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual meeting and convention – one of the key global events in the private jet industry calendar.

NBAA 2012 was attended by Chapman Freeborn’s US private jet charter specialists, alongside aircraft operators and manufacturers to discuss business aviation activity for the year ahead.

Despite the flight chaos caused by Superstorm Sandy earlier this week, over 25,000 delegates made it to the three-day event and there were a number of major product launches and industry announcements.

Boeing used NBAA 2012 to announce its intent to introduce the new BBJ MAX range of large cabin ultra-long-range business aircraft – starting with the BBJ MAX 8 and BBJ MAX 9. New engine and winglet technology will provide greater range and better fuel efficiency. Read more on the BBJ MAX here

Not to be outdone, Dassault Falcon launched the Falcon 2000LXS private jet – offering improved airport performance, payload and cabin comfort compared to the Falcon 2000LX. The new model should be certified in 2013 and is set to replace the LX in 2014. More information on the Falcon 2000LXS here

Elsewhere, Gulfstream announced that its ultra-long-range, ultra-large-cabin G650 private jet will offer even better performance than originally announced.

The US-manufacturer claims that design improvements will complete 6,000-nm missions in less than 12 hours – making city pairs such as Tokyo to New York, New York to Dubai, Shanghai to London and Moscow to Los Angeles possible at speeds faster than any other business jet. More info here

Cessna also made several key announcements at NBAA 2012 – including upgrades to the Citation Sovereign private jet. The New Citation Sovereign now delivers increased range, updated technologies and enhanced capabilities such as improved short runway performance.

The NBAA’s next annual meeting and convention will be held in Las Vegas (October 22-24 2013). You can find out more about their private jet events here.