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The option of flying via private jet is more attainable than ever.

Savvy travelers are very organized. Preparing for any flight, business or leisure, varies only slightly with all of the basic human needs addressed in one carry-on bag. Meals are in the form of protein bars and other compact snacks that can be enjoyed while wearing a facemask. Since there very few  actual meals being served on most commercial airlines, snack food in plastic baggies is a necessary indulgence.

Commercial flights have some well-known obstacles, so it is relatively easy to prepare, but it makes it no less stressful to experience. Arriving an hour (at least) ahead of the scheduled flight to join the long line for TSA required security has become a humbling ritual.  When “Pre-check” status or for international travelers, “Global Entry” became available, it sped up the process by at least 10 minutes.

Post Covid, there may be an added check for proof of vaccination. According to, The Common Trust Network, an initiative by a Geneva-based nonprofit The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum, has partnered with several airlines and hundreds of health systems across the U.S. already. Aside from the travel application, this idea of a digital credential could mean easy entry in the future for concerts, stadiums, movie theatres and offices.

If all of this hassle, plus the inevitable battle for the armrest, seat-back pockets and even knee-space makes you tired, you are not alone. Many travelers have turned to private jets. Companies like Chapman Freeborn Airchartering continue ease the burden of their business and leisure  customers. The option of flying in a private jet is more attainable than ever. If you’re a business executive team or family are accustomed to traveling together or in a premium cabin, the per person cost could be within the same range for a far superior experience. Flying domestically within the U.S. or internationally, air charter brokers provide high quality aircraft choices at competitive rates.

“Private jet travel is very flexible, efficient and safe, making it the best option to travel during the pandemic. When chartering a private jet, the passenger, or the organization booking the flight, tells us how many people will be accompanying them. There are no strangers on their flight. Since there are less seats on the plane, there are fewer person-to-person interactions,” said Helen Hollis, VP, Passenger Charters, Americas, for Chapman Freeborn.

Private jet interiors vary widely, but typically feel like a Zen-inspired cocoon of leather seats, wood-grain tables and halogen lights. When you reach cruising altitude, there is no little curtain drawn, but instead you can enjoy your personalized bar, snacks and meals anywhere in the cabin.  Other personalized options exist too – music, in-flight entertainment, branded headrest covers, ground transportation and more.

Wherever you need to fly, private jet charters are dedicated to flying you safely and comfortably. Hollis notes, “The benefit is our long-standing experience. We have strategic relationships with the best quality operators and a comprehensive global network. At a moment’s notice, our team will locate and organize the aircraft that matches your needs. You can be on your flight within hours.”