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Remove the stress of Air Passenger Duty with Chapman Freeborn Flight Support

Air Passenger Duty is the fee payable by all passengers departing the UK in an aircraft with a take-off weight of more than 5.7 tonnes or with more than 26 passengers – whether that be a commercial aircraft or a private jet. For many years Chapman Freeborn has supported clients in reporting Air Passenger Duty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a reduction in air travel, which has in turn reduced Air Passenger Duty. However, it is still vital that the payment is made accurately and in accordance with HMRC requirements.

As the pandemic abates and travel restrictions continue to lift, Chapman Freeborn recognises that airlines will be focusing on rebuilding their networks to attract travellers. Generating revenue whilst keeping costs to an absolute minimum will be more crucial than ever as the industry begins to heal.

We have therefore reviewed the services we provide to operators who require representation under the Air Passenger Duty scheme, ensuring that our offering is as cost-effective and competitively priced as possible.

By paying a low monthly minimum fee based on the number of flights you operate Chapman Freeborn Flight Support will collate your passenger numbers, prepare all the necessary submissions to HMRC and ensure the correct duty is paid per flight. As your appointed fiscal representatives, Chapman Freeborn will also keep you fully up to date regarding any changes to legislation that pertains to your operation.

The importance of conforming to all HMRC rules and regulations regarding Air Passenger Duty must not be underestimated; penalties for non-conformance are extensive. With Chapman Freeborn Flight Support’s help you can leave this to us and rest assured that it’s taken care of, whatever type of flight you’re operating.

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