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Seamless travel to breathtaking destinations

When the world’s leading aircraft charter specialist aligns with some of the world’s most luxuriously designed properties in the most sought after locations it has to be a match made in heaven.

Together with ONE Authentic Properties we have done just that. Not only can you stay somewhere truly exceptional you can experience luxury from start to finish with a fully-inclusive travel service.

ONE Authentic Properties is a privately owned exclusive collection of super-prime villas in the South of France and chalets in Courchevel 1850. Originally selected for their superb locations and breathtaking views, all the properties have been completely renovated and remodelled.

The collection blends the best in modern comfort with the original charm of each property and the area that surrounds it, creating truly magical places to escape especially for those who value their privacy. Suitable for entertaining on a grand scale, relaxing or simply enjoying private family time, these properties are available for rental on request.

Here at Chapman Freeborn, we arrange specified flight times to and from the most convenient airports so that our clients are in control of every element of the journey. We offer all types of aircraft – including private jets, helicopters and VIP configured airliners – anywhere in the world.

With 35 offices in 25 countries and 40 years of experience providing air charter solutions, we are the world’s leading aircraft charter broker.

Through this partnership, we can now offer a unique and memorable experience, from seamless travel arrangements to and from your chosen destination, to an incomparable level of service at your selected property.

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Photographs provided are ©Marc Berenguer