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Seven top Bahrain attractions | Private jet charter

Bahrain, a collection of over 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf, is culturally blessed with enigmatic fortresses, a vibrant cultural scene, quiet fishing villages, luxury hotels, shopping malls and superb local and international cuisine. Here are seven Bahrain attractions to visit via private jet charter.


Muharraq was Bahrain’s original capital city and this ancient island citadel on Muharraq Island (which it shares with Bahrain International Airport) is an example of an authentic old Bahrain with its fishing port, coffee shops and beautiful souk selling traditional crafts and foods. The restored historic centre is a photographer’s heaven – don’t miss the beautiful Sheikh Isa Bin Ali House and other courtyard houses in the Fareej Al Bin Ali district.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

The spiritual heart of Bahrain, Al Fateh Grand Mosque can hold up to 7,000 worshippers within its Italian marble walls. Using only the best materials in its construction, visitors will see Austrian glass, teak from India and a unique fibreglass dome that lights up at night. Especially interesting is the Kufic calligraphy decorating the interior walls. Tours begin just inside the main entrance where women are given a cloak and headscarf to wear during the visit.

Manama Souk

The capital of Bahrain, Manama is Bahrain’s financial hub, and as well as its luxury shopping malls, the city is home to the famous Manama or Bab-Al-Bahrain souk. You’ll find the market in the myriad winding streets behind the Bab, with stallholders selling everything from spices and nuts, to carpets, t-shirts, electronic goods and souvenirs.

Saudi Causeway Restaurant Tower

Bahrain is connected to its southerly neighbour – Saudi Arabia – by various bridges that span the 25km stretch of water. Visit the restaurant tower at the midpoint of the bridges for spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. Luckily, you won’t need a Saudi visa to wine and dine in the restaurant.

Bahrain National Museum

Enjoying a prime waterfront location on the edge of Manama, near King Faisal Highway, the Bahrain National Museum is a must-see. Many of the exhibits are from ancient Dilmun, particularly from Qal’at al Bahrain. Discover the Portuguese and Persian influences on the region and visit the pearl diving exhibition.

Visit Hawar Island

Hawar Islands are a protected wildlife reserve and home to numerous bird species. A 45-minute boat ride from the southern city of Al Dur will take you to this island resort retreat, which is a favourite for scuba divers. The eastern side of the island is lined with high cliffs and is a peaceful antidote to bustling Manama.

Isa Town Flea Market

Fans of bric-a-brac and vintage items will love Souk Almaqasees (aka Isa Town Flea Market). Open Friday and Saturday mornings, it’s the Bahraini version of a car boot sale. Clothing, luggage, electronics, perfume, plants and more obscure items are all here. An ideal hangout for antique collectors and bargain hunters.

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