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Six top attractions in Rhodes, Greece | Private jet charter

Rhodes is the largest island of the Greek Dodecanese. Well known for its Greek and Roman remains, as well as fortresses dating from the time of the Crusades, Rhodes is a popular year-round holiday destination. In summer its beach resorts play centre stage, while in autumn the weather is still warm enough to swim in the island’s azure waters.

Archaeological Museum

Once a hospital, this outstanding museum offers visitors a wealth of magnificently preserved ancient treasures dating back 7,000 years. The awe-inspiring ‘Aphrodite Bathing’ marble statue is here, as well as beautiful Roman mosaic flooring. The museum opens at 8am so get there early and take time to enjoy the displays and tranquil gardens before the crowds arrive.

Palace of the Grand Masters

Covering the history of Rhodes from the 3rd-century BC to the Ottoman conquest, the extraordinary Palace of the Grand Master looks just as grand and foreboding as it did during the 14th century when it was constructed. Stop for a coffee and some Greek pastries at one of the tavernas outside the castle walls.

Rhodes Old Town – Knights Quarter

Rhodes Old Town is a living museum with a tangible atmosphere and sense of history. Whether you start your exploration in the early morning, or closer to dusk, begin at Liberty Gate which leads to the Old Town area. Here you’ll find the 3rd-century-BC Temple of Aphrodite and the Archaeological Museum. The Street of the Knights – where the Knights of St John actually lived, and the stunning Palace of the Grand Masters are must-sees.


We recommend hiring a car if you want to see more than just Rhodes Town. The beautiful village of Asklipios, just outside Kiotari has a small museum, the beautiful St Mary’s Byzantine church and there’s a short walk to the castle on the hilltop which provides panoramic views of the area. A genuine Greek village that has not succumbed to tourist development.

Lindos Acropolis

Take a boat from Rhodes Town and head to beautiful Lindos. This spectacular ancient settlement with a preserved acropolis is a steep walk up from Lindos town. The temple to Athena Lindia is here, as well as the remains of a 20-columned colonnade.

Day trip to Symi

A quick island hop away north of Rhodes is beautiful Sými. Famous for its Panormítis monastery located on the island’s south-west coast, its beautiful windmills and the war memorial at the harbour, you can catch a boat from Rhodes at Mandráki port or take a catamaran from Kolóna harbour. Signs of Symi’s rich past are evident in the grand neo-classical mansions on the hills overlooking the main port.

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