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Spring Travel Destinations | Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

With spring fast approaching many people will be starting to map out their travel plans for the new season. Spring officially begins on the 20th March and until then we’ll be bringing you great spring travel destinations each week on our blog.

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom are one of the most magnificent displays of nature, as plant life starts coming to life after winter. Nowhere in the world is Cherry Blossom season as stunning as in Kyoto, Japan. Here, Cherry Blossom trees start to bloom in the last week of March and last until the middle to end of April, making this the most perfect time of year to visit.

The seasons are incredibly important to the people of Kyoto and it is said that the geishas in the city change their hair adornments up to 12 times a year to acknowledge the changes in nature around them. Cherry Blossom trees are known as sakura and visitors travel to Kyoto from around the world in order to see them.

Kyoto Gosho

There are Cherry Blossoms dotted all throughout the city, but there are several places that provide truly spectacular vistas. Head to Maruyama-koen Park, the most popular spot in Kyoto for viewing cherry blossom, although it can become rather busy. For a less crowded spot to view the sakura, make your way to Tetsugaku-no-Michi or Kyoto Gosho, both of which are also filled with Cherry Blossoms but are usually less congested.

Away from the charms of the Cherry Blossoms, there is so much to Kyoto. It was once the capital of Japan and is famous for its intricate Buddhist temples and gardens, geisha girls, imperial palaces, traditional tearooms and bright, colourful shrines.


There are believed to be more than 1,000 Buddhist temples in Kyoto. The most iconic temple in the city is Kinkaku-ji, the so-called Golden Pavillion. Try to get there early in the morning so that you can view the golden temple reflecting in the pond below in all its glory. Other temples that are well worth a visit include Tofuku-ji Temple, Nanzen-ji Temple and Honen-in Temple. Many tour operators offer tours that visit the very best temples of Kyoto, which is certainly worth considering if you’re interested.

Kyoto remains one of few places in Japan where real geisha can be found. Geisha are highly skilled entertainers who have trained for up to 5 years in the Japanese arts in order to perfect their craft. They usually perform at private, high-end dinner parties that can only be arranged with a personal introduction from an existing client of a geisha house. There are a few tour companies who can facilitate this if you wish to enjoy this unique and special experience during your time in the city.

Let Chapman Freeborn organise your private jet charter to Kyoto, Japan. Osaka International Airport is the closest to the city, located just over 20 miles away. Other nearby airports include Kobe Airport, Kansai International Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport.