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Spring Travel Destinations | Tulip Season in The Netherlands

With spring fast approaching many people will be starting to map out their travel plans for the new season. Spring officially begins on the 20th March and until then we’ll be bringing you great spring travel destinations each week on our blog.

Nothing says spring quite as well as masses of fields covered in gorgeous flowers in bloom, and nowhere does this quite as well as The Netherlands. The Netherlands produce an incredible two thirds of all the world’s flora sales, so these miles and miles of fields containing brightly coloured flowers not only look amazing, but also contribute massively to the economy of the country.

Whilst tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses are in bloom throughout spring, the very best time to visit is in April when the majority of flowers will be at their finest. April is also a great month to visit The Netherlands, as the freezing temperatures of the winter months have made way for milder, drier days. This makes sightseeing and exploring far more pleasant and enjoyable.


Some of the best tulip fields in The Netherlands are believed to be those in the north of the country, around 30 minutes from the capital Amsterdam. This area is known as the bulb district and you’ll find fields located behind the North Sea dunes offering incredible views of both flowers and sea.

Another superb place in The Netherlands to visit tulip fields is in the Noordoostpolder, in the region of Flevoland in the centre of the country. Multi-coloured fields filled with stunning tulips stretch for over 100 kilometres and cover nearly 2500 acres of land, making it an absolutely amazing experience.

One of the most magical places to visit is Keukenhof Gardens, one of the largest flower gardens in the world. It is believed to be the most beautiful spring garden and only opens for a few short weeks each year. This year the gardens are open between the 23rd of March and the 21st of May.

flower garden the netherlands

The 32 hectares of gardens are covered in more than seven million tulips, hyacinths and daffodils and is a truly wonderful sight to see with your own eyes. There are inspirational gardens, artwork created with flowers, lakes fringed with blooms, and much more. Walking through the gardens is an uplifting experience, as you take in all the colours and the scents of the flowers around you.

Keukenhof Gardens is situated in Lisse, around 35 kilometres from Amsterdam and are easily reached by road or rail. Choose to base yourself in Amsterdam and travel out to Keukenhof Gardens or the bulb district, or choose to stay in one of the smaller towns in this area and experience more of the traditional country life in The Netherlands.

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