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St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland and the U.S.

Ireland might be known as the Emerald Isle, and while it is stunningly beautiful during any season, if you are interested in experiencing the biggest party of the year where locals and tourists rub shoulders, then St. Patrick’s Day is the time of year for you. Whether you are searching for a bit of luck, want to cross another country off your bucket list, or simply can’t wait to head to the land where the fields are green, the history is rich, and the pubs are overflowing, then get ready to fly via private jet charter from the U.S. straight to Dublin.

Start in Dublin, head to Galway, and take the winding road to Killarney … 

A trip to Ireland over St. Patrick’s Day isn’t complete unless you do a bit of sightseeing. Bus, train, bike, or car, getting around Ireland is easy and will lead you through a beautiful wonderland that is sure to take your breath away around each corner. When you are ready to pause and enjoy the national celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to consider visiting at least one of the following locations.

1. Dublin St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Perhaps the biggest celebration for St. Patrick’s Day occurs in Dublin. A festive parade starts in Parnell Square, before heading along O’Connell and Dame Street, and then winding its way to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. After enjoying the parade you can head to the infamous Temple Bar area to enjoy Guinness and other traditional Irish drinks, or if you prefer to escape the larger crowds, you can enjoy the festivities on Essex St. East.

2. Galway St. Patrick’s Day carnival. Galway favours a carnival approach to St. Patrick’s Day. The family-friendly event always features spectacular music, dancing and a sense of community as the entire spirit embraces the holiday. In fact, the iconic Eyre Square fountain even turns green to mark the celebration. From the wharf to the inner city, Galway has many nooks and crannies that you can explore on foot as you wander around seeing the sights and basking in all that this beautiful city has to offer.

3. Killarney is painted green for St. Patrick’s Day. Killarney quite literally turns green for the holiday. Like many places in Ireland, Killarney features a parade and various city-run celebrations for the holiday. However, in addition to the Ring of Kerry and the Muckross House (two must-see attractions), Killarney is also surrounded by a glorious abundance of stunning wildlife that has attracted visitors for centuries. Killarney National Park will not only take your breath away, but it will give you a taste of the immense flavour, diversity, and beauty that the entire Emerald Isle has to offer.

No matter where you wind up in Ireland, one thing is certain, your visit will be as memorable as it is breathtaking.

Take a private jet charter to the biggest U.S. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

Perhaps March isn’t the right time of year for you to take a private charter overseas; if so, don’t worry, the U.S. is known for hosting several amazing St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. In fact, if you decide to stay stateside, here are a few cities that will make you feel as if you are back on the Emerald Isle.

1. Boston. Did you know that according to local legend the earliest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America took place in Boston in 1737? This East Coast city has perfected the art of throwing a giant party on St. Patrick’s Day for over 250 years. Parades, floats, dancers, Irish bands, and plenty of Irish spirit can be found in Boston during the city’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. As the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration outside of Ireland, if you attend then you will be part of the 500,000 people who travel to the city ready to wear green and enjoy all of the festivities.

2. Washington D.C. The Nation’s capital is known for its amazing Shamrock Festival. The all-day event features games, dancers, more than 50 Irish bands, and of course Irish food and drinks to enjoy. From carnival rides to timeless Irish games and a parade filled with Irish bands, dancers, and floats down Constitution Avenue, Washington D.C. certainly knows how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style.

3. Chicago. Chicago takes after Killarney by turning its river an emerald hue just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Parades, Irish step dancers, brilliant floats and bands will make you feel as if you are on the Emerald Isle. Be ready for an entire weekend of fun as the Windy City embraces St. Patrick’s Day each and every year.

Find your luck on March 17th
Whether you want to stay stateside or head over to Ireland, you can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day anywhere around the globe simply by chartering a private jet with Chapman Freeborn.

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