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What does it take to be a Chapman Freeborn air cargo broker?

At a moment’s notice, our brokers are analysing all of the criteria for your shipment, while simultaneously evaluating:

  • Each and every aircraft type in terms of capacity, range and max payload
  • Every single operator, figuring out which of them are compliant, deciding if they have the approved navigation systems, or if they have dangerous goods capabilities, if the cargo hold is temperature controlled or if the carrier is CEIV certified, to name a few!
  • The airport capability details, Material Handling Equipment (MHE), Cool chain warehouses or  if they are GDP certified
  • Arranging overflight permits, landing permits, and every other detail!

Everyday Chapman Freeborn are providing Cargo Solutions – here is a snapshot on how our Chapman Freeborn Cargo Charter Brokers work:


Value of a Broker