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Summer Travel Destinations | Iceland

With the official start to summer on 21st June, many people are turning their thoughts to summer holiday destinations and travel planning. If you need some travel inspiration for this summer, over the next few weeks we’re revealing some superb summer holiday destinations.

Summer can be a fantastic time to visit Iceland. Even if you’ve visited before during the winter months, you’ll find that the change of seasons makes Iceland look and feel so different.

Marvel at the mild, long days

Although bitingly icy in winter, Iceland enjoys relatively mild weather in summer. This is thanks to its position in the path of the North Atlantic current, which brings warmth and heats up the country in the summer months. Temperatures average around 11 degrees Celsius in summer, meaning it’s not roasting warm but perfectly pleasant with a layer or two of clothing on.

Iceland also has the benefit of the midnight sun in summer, meaning the days are seemingly endless and the sun often sets for just three hours at night. The midnight sun brings with it some of the most picturesque and jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets many people will ever experience. Don’t forget your camera!

Enjoy nature

Iceland is covered in snow and ice for much of the year, so many visitors don’t expect how green the landscape is during summer. There are fields and moors covered in pretty flowers and greenery, powerful waterfalls and plenty of wildlife and birdlife throughout this island nation.

If you’re feeling adventurous be sure to take the opportunity to bathe in some of the warm rivers and natural hot springs that are dotted throughout the island. If you’re travelling around Iceland by road you’ll see countless hot springs and natural pools that are perfect for a refreshing summer dip in the traditional Icelandic fashion.

There are also plenty of walking and hiking routes throughout Iceland if staying active is part of your holiday style. There are trails all over the country, with some of the most popular hiking trails being the Laugavegur trail, the Fimmvörðuháls hike and the Víknaslóðir trail.

Attend a festival

The milder temperatures of summer combined with the long, light days makes this the time of year when locals get out and about most. Summer brings with it an abundance of different festivals and events throughout the country, many of which are in the capital, Reykjavik. Some of the most popular are National Day on the 17th June, Bræðslan music festival, Festival of the Sea, Secret Solstice Music Festival, Reykjavik Midsummer Music and Kexport.

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