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Supporting the oil, gas and energy industry during the COVID-19 outbreak

Over the past several months the COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide disruption to many businesses across the globe. Nearly all businesses including Chapman Freeborn have had to adjust procedures to ensure worker’s safety from COVID-19, whilst maintaining operations as much as possible.

COVID-19 has, regrettably, forced many passenger operators to ground their fleets due to the sudden decrease in passenger numbers. However, there is still a requirement especially in the oil, gas & energy industry to keep operations on track. Air charter flights have been playing a pivotal role in providing a key service, allowing businesses to continue to rotate key workers on dedicated charter flights instead. Travelling by private charter can offer many benefits to ensuring worker’s safety, by providing control of the on-board environment and avoiding crowded airport areas. Chapman Freeborn has been working closely with our energy clients to transport industry personnel to locations across the globe, no matter how remote they may be.

“Despite the challenges faced in terms of border closures, last minute flights and specific health requirements, we have risen to these. Often working through the night, the team has excelled in providing resilient charter solutions. We understand acutely the importance of the need for corporate shuttles, now more than ever.” – Simon Cooper, Commercial Charter Manager

Currently, our oil, gas and energy clients are adjusting operations to ensure the safety of their workers. One element in the new procedures that companies need to consider is the transportation of essential workers in a safe environment. As a global organisation, over the past three months, we have focused our resources on supporting COVID-19 efforts, ensuring a safe and secure environment on board our charters. This means we are perfectly positioned to support with crew rotation flights and flying key workers in and out of areas where projects are based.

Depending on the number of essential workers that our clients are looking for, Chapman Freeborn can provide both commercial aircraft for large groups (more than 20 seats), and private jets (for up to 19 passengers) for smaller groups. Our team of specialists receive up-to-the-minute information on regulations for domestic and international air travel via our in-house flight support team. Alongside this, our team of brokers are in constant dialogue with airlines, airports and relevant authorities to ensure that we stay ahead of what is a very fluid landscape.

With over 45 years of experience, Chapman Freeborn is at the very forefront of the air chartering industry, we’ve been servicing the energy industry for decades and boast a proven track record of arranging charter group flights to transport equipment and personnel to all manner of locations, from deserts to the Arctic Circle. Our dedicated team of professionals are available 24/7 and we will provide you with a tailored bespoke service to meet your requirements.

If you are looking at booking a private jet charter or a group air charter for crew rotations contact us today.