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Thanksgiving holiday tips 2020: where and how to travel safely?

Since the pandemic has impacted everyday life, naturally, the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend is going to be a little unconventional. USA travel restrictions may limit beloved get-aways but with a bit of research about flight recommendations and places that are worth visiting, it is simple to ensure safe and pleasant travel.

 “Where can we go for Thanksgiving?”

Get-away trips over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend are a popular tradition among many households. Transportation Security Administration claims that over 115 million Americans traveled by plane during the 2019 holiday season. Most will travel within the US since European and Asian countries restrict American tourist arrivals.

As of November, traveling between the state borders is permitted. However, there may be some regional restrictions regulated by the number of coronavirus cases in that area. For instance, when arriving from the state with high COVID-19 rates to one with a lower number of cases, a visitor may have to self-quarantine. So it is still a good idea to research the desired destination before a trip.

Is it safe to fly during the pandemic?

Safety has been a concern ever since commercial flights have returned. Wearing masks has become a universal norm and passengers are always advised to keep a safe distance in airports. Some airlines are also limiting food and drink on board.

All safety measures have been proven effective so far. Nonetheless, it is always better to take all precautions in crowded airports, long security check in lines and baggage claim areas.

A safer travel option

There has been a steep increase in private jet services as commercial flights have dwindled.  It illustrates that more passengers have been putting their health as a priority. The main reason why private flights are safer is simple: there is less direct contact with other people.

Upon arrival at the airport, private jet passengers do not have to wait in long lines or fly in a cabin crowded with other people, lowering the risk of getting infected. For better health protection, the aircraft cabins are disinfected before every flight. The private jet company Chapman Freeborn even provides an option for the crew to get tested for COVID-19, if the customer requires it.


Best places to travel for Thanksgiving

When choosing the flight destination, a simple Google search of “best places to visit in the USA” might be a good kick-starter, but every tourist has individual expectations, and what is “best” for one might not be suitable for another. Therefore, we would like to provide a few suggestions based on what one could be looking for in a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Be fascinated with three cultures: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico is perfect for anyone interested in arts or history. The nation’s oldest capital city is where Hispanic, Native American and Anglo cultures meet. So, what is a better time to acknowledge the foundations of the western US, if not for Thanksgiving?

Most of the activities available in Santa Fe are great for families. Here they can explore the centuries-old churches, wake up their inner artist by visiting art galleries, meet Native Americans, and explore a living history museum dedicated to the Spanish colonial life. The variety of accommodation on offer is pleasantly surprising as well. From 5-star hotel and spas to beloved family Inns, there is a great option for everybody.

Santa Fe Regional Airport is open for commercial and private planes, thus getting to and from the city could not be easier.  Keep in mind that people coming to New Mexico from out-of-state have to self-isolate for 14 days. There are some exceptions, which are updated every Wednesday on the government’s website.

Surround yourself with astonishing nature: Hawaii

During holidays, most people want to just relax and have a sunny getaway to rewind. For those who love spending time in nature to regain their strength, Hawaii is a great option. Especially when the islands are easily accessible by plane.

For on-a-budget tourists, Lanai Island is generous with affordable accommodation and a variety of activities. Scuba diving or spotting turtles and Spinner dolphins is a must for every visitor who wishes to reconnect with nature. White sand beaches welcome sunbathing-lovers and for all willing to feel like the main character in a movie, horseback rides into the sunset are strongly recommended.

Luxurious travelers will love Maui Island for its world-famous beaches and exclusive resorts. From breath-taking hiking trails to paddle boarding and helicopter tours: there are many different ways to explore the island. If active leisure is not a preferred activity, tourists can simply enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or by the swimming pool.

When it comes to travel restrictions, self-isolation can be avoided by taking a COVID-19 test 72 hours before arriving in Hawaii and showing proof of negative test results. Otherwise, a 14 day self-quarantine is required.

Enjoy the luxury: South Carolina

South Carolina is a treasure chest when it comes to the range of resorts available. For now, there are no self-isolation requirements, and anyone can fly in and out-of-state. Hence, for anyone who wants to treat their loved ones, this might be the dream destination.

Fairytale-like architecture, big golf fields, high-class spa centers, and elegant parks will make tourists feel like royalty. The luxurious resorts provide amenities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness centers, horseback rides, French-inspired markets, and educational activities for kids. This kind of leisure enthusiasts are recommended to visit the Sanctuary at Kiawah Island or The Montage Palmetto Bluff resorts.

California – Thanksgiving in the ‘Golden State’

Spending Thanksgiving in a few of Northern California’s must-see destinations is easily done over the long holiday weekend.

Sacramento – This Gold Rush town is the established capital of California yet retains it’s hard-scrabble roots. Aside from the largest virtual Thanksgiving Day (Turkey Trot) in the country, there is plenty of history, gold mining lore, and good times to be had by the whole family.

Napa and Sonoma Valley – Open for business, the wineries have wine tasting, room for picnics, and educational walks and talks. You might even bring home some bottled gifts for the holidays. Thanksgiving lunch or dinner is also available on the Napa Valley Wine Train. This vintage train will wine and dine you as you relax and take in the view.

San Francisco – Kick off with breakfast at the Ferry Building then catch a ferry to Sausalito or Alcatraz to view this sparkling city skyline. Do all of the touristy things because they are so worth it! You’ll want to come back another day to explore one neighborhood at a time.