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The charming Greek island of Kos | Private jet charter

Kos boasts beautiful sandy beaches and secluded coves, as well as many Greek and Roman ruins to explore – many of which are to be found in and around Kos Town, the island’s main harbour. Beaches in the south of Kos are the most popular with tourists, while the windswept northern stretches are perfect for windsurfing and other water sports.

Kos Old Town

Despite its popularity with visitors, Kos has managed to avoid over development and retained its rustic charm as well as peaceful parks and gardens. Many locals and visitors use bikes to get around resulting in a more laid back vibe. Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman ruins sit alongside cool cafes, bars and restaurants playing host to a cool, cosmopolitan crowd.

Mount Dikaios

Kos’s highest mountain, Mount Dikaios, lies 15km south of Kos Town. On its northern slopes is the village of Zia, often quoted as the prettiest village in Kos. At its summit you’ll find an historic chapel with outstanding views over the surrounding mountains. The pine-clad slopes are home to Kos Natural Park with deer, goats, chickens and rabbits.

Neratzia Castle

The fabulous ruins of this former Templar Castle in Kos Town offer panoramic views over Kos harbour from its 14th-century walls. Access is via the square with Hippocrates plane tree after which you cross over a small bridge. The inner courtyard area has four towers in each corner once only reachable by a moat. Look out for the coat of arms of St John at the entrance gate and beautiful stone carvings on the pillars and doorways.

Roman Odeon

The Odeon theatre in Kos dates from the 2nd century AD. The auditorium was used to hold musical events and was also home to the local senate. Today the theatre plays host to musical and cultural events and there’s an interesting photography exhibition featuring the work of the Aegean Institute of Archaeological Studies.


Located about 4km south west of Kos Town, this ancient healing centre founded by Hippocrates was discovered by German archaeologist Rudolf Herzog in 1902. For 1,350 years the site had been buried as the result of an earthquake. Today visitors can explore the enigmatic ruins over three terraces that look out over the ocean towards the Turkish coast.

Plaka Forest

Located near the village of Antimachia, on the route to Kefalos, Plaka Forest is a must for nature lovers – and peacock and cat fans! Many of the island’s stray cats are looked after here by locals who appreciate tourist donations. Enjoy a picnic or barbecue among the fragrant pine trees and watch the glorious peacocks display their plumage.


Located on a peninsula 43km southwest of Kos Town, Kefalos is divided into two main areas: the hilltop old town with its narrow alleys and windmill, and the seaside Kamari district with restaurants and hotels. Visit the Castle of the Knights here and the many churches, as well as the famous White Stone Cave. The turquoise waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, or hire a canoe and explore the neighbouring island of Kastri.

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