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The future of fuel: hydrogen is on its way and Chapman Freeborn is chartering it

Decarbonising planet Earth has had a brighter spotlight shone on it over the past decade than ever before, with dozens of countries acknowledging that it must be a global priority. We know the why, but the question being asked the world over is how?

Hydrogen production comes in several colours; a system created to differentiate between methods and the associated emissions. There are 7 colours in total, but only one is completely clean and emission-free: green hydrogen.

How is hydrogen made?

Hydrogen is made by splitting water or methane compounds, subsequently producing hydrogen molecules which can be used as fuel. Green hydrogen is produced using solely renewable and sustainable methods and resources, emitting no pollutants in the process.

What do we need?

The process of splitting water to form hydrogen requires extremely high-value and enormous equipment, primarily, electrolysers. These incredible electricity-powered apparatus use electrolysis to create the hydrogen, during which the only bi-product is oxygen. However, for this to truly be green hydrogen, the electrolysers must be powered with renewable energy, requiring more equipment such as wind turbines or solar panels.

Additionally, the water used to create hydrogen must be high in salts and minerals, as these are what facilitate conductivity so electrolysis can take place. Therefore, electrolysers are best placed in coastal or offshore locations.

After the hydrogen has been created it is placed into huge tanks, before being compressed and added to pressurised canisters to then be shipped across the world.

The logistical side of hydrogen may look daunting on paper, but Chapman Freeborn is ready to take on the hydrogen air cargo charter challenge.

How will Chapman Freeborn help with hydrogen cargo charters?

With 50 years of experience in cargo air charter, transporting heavy, oversize and even dangerous cargo is second-nature to us. And it’s no different when it comes to hydrogen air cargo.

Chapman Freeborn leads the industry in getting logistically challenging cargo to where it needs to be, and this includes some of the most inaccessible and inhospitable locations on Earth, such as offshore oil rigs, conflict zones, mountain ranges, and even Antarctica!

We’ve been transporting cargo for the energy, oil and gas industry for decades, for sectors including mining, power utilities and lines, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

We’re ready to go with delivering green hydrogen air cargo shipments.

And it’s not just hydrogen air freight that we’ll charter with ease – we also specialise in crew rotations, ensuring that everyone is where they need to be to keep production lines moving.

Chapman Freeborn is excited about the future of green hydrogen. This amazing element is both lighter in weight and less combustible than standard aviation fuel, and it is only a matter of time until aircraft are being powered in a way that protects planet Earth.

Get in touch with us to discuss your plans to pioneer the green hydrogen industry, and we’ll be by your side: