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The Luxury Travel Market in 2016

Travel is one of the world’s most exciting and ever-changing industries as destinations evolve and grow, and so do the tastes and needs of travellers.

Travel Leaders Group CEO, Ninan Chacko, believes that the way luxury travellers choose their travel destinations is also changing, and this has resulted in many destinations becoming more and more popular within this market. He stated that “today’s luxury traveller is someone who seeks incredible, authentic and memorable experiences – not merely 5-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants”.

So, just what are the destinations and experiences that are most appealing to discerning travellers in 2016?




Iceland is a destination that has been growing steadily in popularity with luxury travellers for the last few years, and is predicted to peak in 2016.

Visitors to Iceland want to explore its beautiful, otherworldly landscapes, take part in adrenalin fuelled outdoor activities, like quad biking and caving and explore the impossibly cool capital city of Reykjavik.

Many incredible hotels have opened in the country in recent years to accommodate the influx of high-end clients. These include Ion Hotel, Hotel Grimsborgir, 101 Hotel, Hotel Ranga, Hotel Budir and Hotel Egilsen, all of which have every comfort and convenience a luxury traveller could wish for.


Sea and River Cruises


Sea and river cruises are an incredibly popular choice with luxury travellers and have been for many years. Their popularity has risen in recent years however, and this is partly due to the advances in technology that have made cruising more modern and up to date, in the last decade in particular.

Cruise liners in today’s world are equipped with all of the amenities one could wish for whilst on holiday and are beautifully decorated, with plenty of open space and lots of accommodation options.

Features on board some ships include ice rinks, golf simulators, world-class restaurants, Broadway-style theatre shows, chic bars, gorgeous lounges, rock climbing walls, lavish Penthouse style suites and much, much more.


African Safaris


African safaris are becoming more and more popular with luxury travellers who want to have experiences that will last a lifetime. They want to see animals in their natural habitats, get close to nature, recharge their batteries and do so in an indulgent and peaceful environment.

Many luxury safari companies have emerged in recent years to cope with the demands of discerning clients. They offer incredible knowledge of the landscape and the animals who call it home, they create bespoke safari itineraries to suit each of their client’s needs and offer beautiful, comfortable places to rest your head at the end of a long day of African adventure.


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