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The potential of India’s air cargo charter market

There’s an interesting piece posted on Loadstar this week about the trouble and potential of India’s air cargo market.

As we blogged recently, issues such as lack of economic reform, limited infrastructure investment and political problems have all contributed to slower than expected growth for air cargo charter services.

One of the statistics highlighted by Loadstar is that while China (1.3 billion population) accounts for 14% of the world’s economic output, India (1.21 billion population) accounts for only 2.7%.

However, it also notes that although India’s logistics and air freight sector has some way to go – the country remains one of the most interesting markets for air cargo, mostly because it is so unexploited.

Chapman Freeborn’s Shailendra Seth also touched on the growth potential of India’s air cargo charter market in a recent interview with Aviation Cargo Express (ACE) magazine.

He highlighted that while India has not been isolated from the pressures of the world economy, the scope of the air cargo industry in the country is poised to expand as more big infrastructure projects are being undertaken by the Indian government and companies on the domestic as well as international front.

This will present new opportunities for air charter companies like Chapman Freeborn that have been established in India for a number of years (cargo and passenger air charters, as well as flight support services such as permits and aircraft fuel).

“We have experienced a slow but steady growth in demand for air cargo charter solutions to and from India over the last few years as the benefits of our services have become known locally. India also presents a real opportunity for our worldwide offices.”

Both articles are worth a read and India will be a market to watch closely in the coming years.

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