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The Top 8 Cities to Fly Over in a Private Jet

In contrast to our post focussing on aerial views of places you didn’t know existed, we decided to take a look at the aerial spectacles some of the most famous destinations on Earth have to offer.

Generally, business and leisure travellers utilise private jet charter as a highly convenient means of accessing some of the largest and most visited cities in the world. More often than not though, passengers also find themselves benefitting from a private aerial viewing of some of the most well-known and spectacular urban vistas in existence.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai 1 - Harry

The cosmopolitan metropolis of Dubai offers a smorgasbord of aerial delights, some of which can only really be truly appreciated from the air. As home to the world’s tallest building, the city takes skyscrapers to a whole new level with the monstrous 2,722-feet tall Burj Khalifa. Combine this with the ‘palm’ shaped artificial island complex that is the Palm Jumeirah and the ‘sail’ shaped Burj al Arab luxury hotel (itself located on an artificial island) and you have a host of completely unique sights utterly dissimilar to anything else on earth. As a centre of business and commerce in the Middle East, many executive travellers fly in and out of the city by private jet, with various routes to and from Dubai International Airport offering fantastic views of the city.

Dubai 2

Dubrovnik, Croatia

In contrast to the sprawling territories of many cities, Dubrovnik is relatively small, home to only around 42,000 people and generally confined to the boundaries of its ancient walls. The city makes for an incredible sight from the air, with its pale stone walls contrasting with the blue and turquoise hues of the Mediterranean Sea. The seemingly obligatory terracotta roofs add further colour to the spectacle, making it easy to see why the medieval city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With Dubrovnik Airport 9.5 miles further along the coast, travellers are able to request a flight route that passes the city and surrounding coastline.

Dubrovnik 1 - Steven Feather

London, United Kingdom

Jes London 1

As one of most visited cities in the world, few could argue with London’s iconic status. With the meandering Thames River carving its way through the metropolis, the city is home to a respectable list of historical sites that are even better appreciated from the air, including London Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey amongst many others. Travellers with more of a modern taste can take in the London Eye and the recently completed Shard, a pyramidal tower that is the tallest building in Europe. Various airports serve the city, with those catering for business aviation including London Luton, Biggin Hill and Farnborough Airports. London City Airport probably offers the best viewing opportunities for private jet charters, located only 6 miles from the centre of London.

London 2 - Duncan Harris

Paris, France

Paris is often referred to as the “City of Light”, owing to its very early adoption of street lighting. The legacy has certainly not been lost in the modern era, as the city’s twilight view from above is sensational. Opportunist aerial sightseers might have the chance to appreciate world-famous sights from a completely new perspective, including the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and the Notre-Dame.

Pais 1 - Tyler J Lindal - TipTop Photography

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is a truly spectacular city to fly over, with the metropolis nestling between the Guanabara Bay and the lush green mountains that form the southern part of the Brazilian Highlands. Closer inspection reveals Copacabana beach, the city-side seafront that would not look out of place in the Caribbean. Of course, it would also be hard to miss Christ the Redeemer, the 124-foot tall statue that sits atop the Corcovado Mountain overlooking the city.

Rio 2

Sydney, Australia

Built on the hills surrounding one of the world’s largest natural harbours, Sydney is a remarkable city that becomes even more brilliant from a birds-eye perspective. Various flight paths to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport allow for a panoramic view of the harbour and surprisingly green city, including the iconic bridge and opera house.

Sydney 1 - Duncan Hull

Venice, Italy

Venice 3 - steven feather

The Italian city sits in the marshy Venetian Lagoon and is sprawled across a group of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Venice is home to just over 270,000 and the ancient city is a renowned centre for architecture. It’s only when viewed from above that the full scale of the city’s assimilation with the water that surrounds it becomes clear, with a web of canals acting as roads throughout the municipality. Venice Marco Polo airport is situated north of the city on the mainland, meaning charters can take a scenic route over the marsh and city.

venice 2 - R g belie

New York City, USA

Such a list would not be complete without New York City. Arguably possessing one of the most famous and recognisable skylines in the world, the city has featured prominently in the media for decades, having been a popular tourist destination for even longer. The city is a mecca for high-rise buildings, with over 550 buildings exceeding 330-feet in height, including the famous Empire State Building. Additional highlights would have to include the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

New York 1 - Andrew Murray


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Dubrovnik: Steven Feather

London 1: Jes

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