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The world’s most breathtaking views from a private jet

While many choose private jet charter to enjoy the luxury and flexibility it has to offer, there are discerning travellers who take the opportunity to see the world from a completely new perspective.

From the natural majesty of the Himalayas to the man-made Palm Islands in Dubai, Chapman Freeborn has chosen some of the most spectacular aerial views private jet passengers have the opportunity to experience:

Talbot Bay, Buccaneer Archipelago, Australia

The incredible horizontal waterfalls at Talbot Bay, Western Australia are a sight to behold when viewed from the air. Part of the Bucanneer Archipelago, the area experiences some of the most extreme tidal ranges in the world. The seemingly impossible effect of a horizontal waterfall flowing across the surface of the water is caused by massive 11-metre tides surging through the tight spaces between the islands. The archipelago makes for an awesome sight from the air, with many opting to charter an aircraft to take in the view at low altitude, often as part of the journey from Singapore to Sydney.


The Himalayas, Southern Asia

Few views can match the majesty of the Himalayas. This shot, taken on a Drukair flight to Paro in the Kingdom of Bhutan, provides an incredible view of some of the ranges largest peaks. The Himalayas are arguably the most revered and infamous mountain range in the world, and for good reason. They include over a hundred peaks exceeding 23,000ft in height. To put that in perspective, a Boeing 747-400 aircraft would take around 14 minutes to safely reach that altitude from sea level. Intersected and passed by numerous commercial flight paths, passengers traveling on various routes throughout Asia and beyond may have an opportunity to take in such a sight.  Thanks to a unique partnership launched earlier this year, the Kingdom of Bhutan and its stunning views of the Himalayas are also now more widely accessible to private jet flyers.


The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

While we have seen the raw beauty that nature has to offer from the air, the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai offers an equally intriguing yet entirely man-made sight. The artificial archipelago was created using 94 million cubic metres of sand and seven million tons of rock. Although impressive from ground level, the palm has much more to offer from an aircraft where the full extent of its size and symmetry can be observed. This image was taken on route to Nairobi in Kenya.


Kelimutu Volcano, Flores, Indonesia

Lying in the centre of Flores Island, Indonesia, the Kelimutu Volcano is most famous for its three enchanting crater lakes which lie on the summit. The tri-colour lakes turn various shades of green, blue, black and even red over time, as their chemical composition is altered by volcanic activity deep below. While the lakes remain somewhat of a mystery to geologists, the rest of us can take in the immense beauty that they have to offer from the air. Lying 3,430km into the journey from Bangkok to Sydney, commercial airliners often operate at an altitude too high to fully appreciate the beauty of the craters. However, many people opt for private jet charter to allow them to fully absorb the unique nature of the craters – the constant variation in colours makes the experience all the more enjoyable even if you have seen the lakes before.


Kauai Island, Hawaii

Kauai is the geologically oldest and forth largest main island in the Hawaiian archipelago. Affectionately known by many as the “Garden Isle”, the island is also arguably the most beautiful. Hosting one of the wettest spots on earth, the heavy rainfall has carved out stunning canyons and left behind awe-inspiring waterfalls in their dozens. The volcanic slopes are immensely fertile and are covered with a colourful variety of foliage, leading down to glorious sandy beaches and warm turquoise water. Many have found a chartered flight over the island hugely rewarding, with so many aerial delights clustered together into one of the most beautiful spots on earth.


Photo credits:

Header image appears courtesy of Dassault Falcon. The Falcon 7X is a large-cabin, long range business jet capable of linking city pairs including Paris-Tokyo, Shanghai-Seattle, New-York-Jeddah, and Johannesburg-London.

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 Kauai: Paul Bica – Flickr

 Talbot Bay: Philip Schubert – Website  – Flickr

 The Palm Jumeirah: Karim Nafatni – Portfolio – Facebook