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This just got personal(ized)

Traveling on your own terms is more important than ever. Don’t waste your time keeping up with ever-changing rules, delays, travelers with no masks, long lines, middle seats and crowded cabins. You can control your flight experience, your environment, and your peace of mind.

You have the freedom to determine when and where you fly and remain safe throughout the journey. This isn’t a dream, it happens every day with private jet charters. A sudden change in your plans is not a problem. Having the flexibility to choose when you want to fly is one the most popular reasons why people are deciding to charter private jets.

Helen Hollis, VP, Passenger Charters, Americas, for Chapman Freeborn says, “Prior to Covid-19, most of our clients had flown by private jet before. Now, we are arranging many more flights for first-time private jet flyers. They tap into our global network and take advantage of our years of expertise with an emphasis on safety, security and service.”

Chartering a jet has become the most efficient way to relieve some of the pain points that have become a part of air travel. In the U.S., there are hundreds of aircraft and operators to choose from, so it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate on your own. Working with an experienced broker will help. Their responsibility is to know the right size aircraft and the right operator for any request from 2 people to 20,000. It takes years to build a trusted network and turn around the aircraft details, safety records and cost proposal in a short time frame.

With a private jet charter, there is not a per person or seat price – the price you pay is for the entire aircraft for your specific trip. You can book a one-way flight, a round-trip or a multi-stop itinerary. Chapman Freeborn is always happy to introduce passengers to a new way to fly safely and consistently.

Hollis continues, “Our client’s well-being is always our priority.  Personal touches like amenities, music, in-flight entertainment and special catering options can be quickly organized and they can be in the air in a few hours.”

Your flight will be ready on your schedule. There is no need to arrive at the airport hours ahead, your car will deliver you right to the aircraft stairs. It only takes a moment to show your identification and drop off your bags. You’ll start to feel more relaxed the moment you step on board. All that’s left is for you to enjoy the flight all the way to your destination.