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Top 5 Luxury Meeting Venues in Brazil

Nowadays, the majority of meetings with other firms are held over the phone or via webchat services, and the amount of face to face conferences are few and far between. On the odd occasion that the latter is essential, there is a great opportunity to host the event at a luxury retreat – it should be worth the attendees’ time, especially if they are travelling from far and wide. In Brazil, there are countless venues that accommodate for business functions, but only a small portion of these provide the luxury incentive experience that employees are hoping for.


1.  Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro


Copacabana Palace has been catering for the rich and famous since its opening in 1923. The five star service provided by the hotel is one of the main reasons why the venue is so popular with companies for hosting small size business meetings there. Two fully kitted conference rooms are available – the ‘Red Room’ and the ‘Yellow Room’. Combined, they can accommodate 23 people, and the latter can be used as a theatre, classroom or standing reception. Attendees can also be served in any of three elegant restaurants run by the hotel, ranging from local delicacies to Italian cuisine.


2.  Deville Prime Salvador, Salvador


Not only is the Deville Prime Salvador a convenient 20 minute drive from Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport, but it also comes kitted with nine meeting rooms with a combined capacity of 600 people. These benefits are why the venue is ideal for business meetings, and the hotel’s luxury facilities make for a great incentive destination for anyone attending. Deville Prime Salvador is situated just one block away from the famous Itapuã beach, and is surrounded by acres of tropical gardens and forests that can explored via numerous walking trials.


3.  Royal Tulip, Rio de Janeiro


If exclusivity is what a company is looking for in a meeting venue, then the five-star Royal Tulip is sure to tick that box. The complex boast a recently refurbished convention centre, containing 25 halls and private entrance for event guests only. A catering service for business events is also offered by the hotel on request. Aside from work, attendees can take a short walk to the iconic Sao Conrado beach, or walk in the other direction to visit Fashion Mall – a shopping centre that specialises in luxury brands.


4.  Natal Grand Hotel, Natal


The Natal Grand Hotel is ideal for companies who are looking to host large conferences. Their extensive business facilities include a convention centre that can accommodate for 1,300 people, and ten other separate rooms for smaller size meetings. Some of these rooms come with balconies with sea views overlooking the exotic Ponta Negra beach. Corporate areas also include fully staffed banquet areas, serving both Brazilian and international dishes. Attendees can even prepare for their event at the onsite beauty salon run by qualified and experienced professionals.


5.  Hotel das Cataratas, Iguacu National Park


Companies that are looking to host a meeting and also use the venue as an incentive experience should look towards Hotel das Cataratas, as there aren’t many places in Brazil more sensational than Iguacu National Park. The business function rooms within the complex can comfortably accommodate for over 400 people, but the main reason why the destination is so popular is because of what is outside of those walls. The waterfalls that surround the complex allow for intense white water rafting along the rivers that they spew, there are guided tours provided through endangered wildlife filled jungles, and the whole national park is closed off to all but hotel guests in the evenings.