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Top attractions in Sofia, Bulgaria | Private jet charter

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is located in the west of this beautiful Balkan country and offers visitors more than two millennia of history. The city lies at the foot of the impressive Vitosha mountain and has a rich cultural heritage, as well as an eclectic art, restaurant and bar scene.

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral

This stunning Bulgarian Orthodox Cathedral is located near the Museum of Natural History. Named after a 13th-century Prince, this Neo-Baroque masterpiece boasts gold roof domes, as well as exquisite onyx, alabaster and marble interiors. The 12 massive bells ring out at 5pm each day during the call to evening mass – the cathedral holds 5,000 people. The St Sofia Basilica in front of the cathedral is worth a stopover, as is the Alexander Nevsky Crypt – home to an impressive gallery featuring examples of religious Orthodox art.

Vrana-Park Museum

Open to the public at weekends, the gardens of the former Royal Palace along Tsarigradsko Shose are a quiet haven from the buzz of Sofia with its landscaped lawns and plantings. Tsar Ferdinand bought the land and hired German and Austrian landscapers to create the gardens. The palace itself is undergoing restoration and not yet open to the public, but visitors can appreciate its charming architectural exteriors.

Vitosha mountain

A dominating backdrop to Sofia, the 2,290 metre Vitosha mountain is an emblem of the city, just 15km from the centre. A popular snowboard and ski resort in winter, its beautiful century-old pine forests are frequented by hikers throughout the year and provide welcome cool from the heat of the city in summer. Views from the summit at Cherni Vrah are stunning. Renowned for its stone rivers known as Golden Bridges, Vitosha also boasts the longest cave (17.5km) in Bulgaria.

Central Hall Market

Located on Marie Louise Boulevard, Central Hall Market opened its doors in 1911 and offers visitors a vast selection of tempting fare over three floors. Foods are located mainly on the ground floor with stalls selling pastries, nuts, sweets and souvenirs, while clothing, jewellery and accessories are on the floor above.

Serdica Archaeological Complex

This vast complex of Roman ruins from the ancient city of Serdika first came to light during excavations for a new subway and is located next to the Serdika Metro exit. Lit via skylights, some of the well-preserved ruins are also above ground and include a Christian basilica and eight ancient streets covering an area of 9,000 square metres.

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