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Vacation planning makes you happier

According to research from the Institute for Applied Positive Research, just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier. We’re learning that waiting for something – and working hard for it – gives us more pleasure and makes that reward so much sweeter.

Immediate gratification had been the norm with the whole world available from a cell phone, but we’ve taken a step back now. Consumer and happiness studies show that people are happier when they spend money on experiences rather than things, and when they celebrate what they are planning long before they actually do or buy anything.

The French have a word for this: se réjouir. It is the happiness brought on by anticipation or experiencing the enjoyment now from anticipating the future.

Research presented by the Let’s Go There Coalition backs up the power of positivity.  The online survey (of U.S.-based adults, aged 18 and older) was conducted August 21-24, 2020. POSITIVITY Survey respondents overwhelmingly believe that anticipating a planned trip delivers significant mental health benefits—and a sense of control during a very uncertain time. Respondents strongly agreed with the following statements:

  • Simply knowing there was something to look forward to would bring me joy: 95%
  • Planning travel in the next six months would bring me happiness: 80%
  • Planning something would make me feel more in control amidst so much uncertainty: 74%
  • Getting to travel and feeling safe while doing it would bring me peace of mind: 96%
  • When asked what describes the ideal vacation during the pandemic, the majority of respondents cited three things:
      • A relaxing vacation
      • Less than a week long
      • To a domestic destination

While your vacation plans may be different from before, the benefits are exponentially greater.  After researching the destination and accommodation and polling friends about things to do, it’s time to plan how to get there.

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