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Why You Should Consider the New Breed of Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels

If you’re interested in minimising your impact on the environment whilst you travel this year, but still want to indulge in a little luxury, then the idea of eco-friendly high-end hotels will surely be of interest. There are a growing number of properties around the world that are attempting to become more sustainable, while still offering guests a sophisticated and memorable experience.

The basic definition of a hotel that is environmentally responsible is that it follows the practices of green living. Hotels can be certified as being green by an independent third-party, or the country or state they’re located within.


When you hear the term ‘eco-friendly hotel’ you might immediately think of an incredibly minimalist property, with basic features and very few comfortable touches. Whilst this might be true of many of this type of hotel, there is a new breed of luxury environmentally friendly hotel that aim to deliver the exact opposite.

Eco-friendly hotels can still have all of the luxury features you’re used to whilst leaving a far smaller impact on the environment around us. There are a number of green hotels that are five-star, have indulgent spas, wonderful restaurants, amazing service and all of the little touches you’d expect from world-class accommodation.


Traditionally eco-friendly properties were located only in jungles, within natural eco-systems and in other natural and mostly untouched locations around the world and their design would be inspired by using traditional building methods developed by skilled local craftsmen. Whilst this type of accommodation still exists, many have been upgraded to become comfortable, luxurious and indulgent places to stay.

As well as the eco-friendly hotels in very natural environments, there are now many eco-hotels located in less natural locations, such as large cities, who are investing in improving their green credentials and minimising their impact on the world around them.


In Europe there’s the Hi Hotel Eco Spa and Beach in Nice, France, and the Hotel Topazz in the beautiful city centre of Vienna. Both of these properties are located right within their respective city centres and mange to reduce their impact on the environment with features such as using eco-friendly cleaning products, using recycled paper, decorating with organic paint, using LED light bulbs and utilising natural materials in their design features.


There are even eco-friendly hotels in some locations that you might not expect. The Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas is a prime example of this, yet it has shown real commitment to being green with fluorescent bulbs, toxin-free furnishings and an exterior façade that maximises the power of the sunlight that shines on it.

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Images courtesy of Pixabay users blickpixel, Unsplash and edar, and Flickr user David Kasparek