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Air Cargo industry prepares for Cargo Week Americas – Expo Cargo 2014

Held at Centro Banamex in Mexico City on June 3-5, leading professionals in the Air Cargo industry are preparing for Mexico’s top cargo exposition Cargo Week Americas – Expo Carga 2014.

The event attracts over 17,000 professionals from the logistics, cargo and transportation industries representing in excess of 30 countries; in addition to over 350 exhibitors. Decision making executives will have the opportunity to network with domestic and international businesses, whilst sharing key information on trends and developments in the industry.

Mexico is well established as a key player in global automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries amongst others, as well as acting as a strategic business hub in the Americas.  High profile past attendees have included global corporations such as Continental, ExxonMobil México, Hershey México, Nissan Mexicana, Pirelli and Samsung Engineering.

Chapman Freeborn will be exhibiting at the exhibition again in 2014, having successfully promoted our range of air cargo and on board courier solutions at the show for over 3 years.

Chapman Freeborn will be located at Booth 410. Experts in the air cargo and on board courier fields will be on hand to discuss your requirements and provide insight on our air charter solutions.

To arrange a meeting, please contact or call us on +1-954-202-0750 24/7.

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安托诺夫安-225“梦想式(Mriya)”(乌克兰语意为梦想)享有全世界最大飞机的美誉,每每露面总是万众瞩目的焦点。 安-225的每次起降总能受到飞机爱好者和飞机摄影爱好者的热烈追捧。 安-225的爱好者们甚至建立起网站,密切关注这款运输机的行踪路线,实现信息互通。 那么,安托诺夫安-225“梦想式”运输机为何如此备受瞩目?以下是其五大亮点: 安-225运输机25年来一直都是世界上最大的商用运输机。安-225由6具涡扇发动机驱动,从飞机实际运行的机身长度(85.3米)和翼展(88米)来看,它是全世界最大的重于空气型飞机。飞机可承载250吨的货物,相当于52头成年大象的重量。 目前,全世界只有一架安-225在服役。 上世纪80年代冷战期间,乌克兰飞机制造商安托诺夫开发出安-225,用于苏联太空计划的设备运输,为暴风雪(Buran)航天飞机提供空运服务(背负式飞行)。安-225于1988年12月21日进行首飞,六个月后,又在1989年巴黎国际航空航天展与背负的暴风雪号一起亮相,这是其在西方国家的首次亮相。 安-225是在安-124运输机的基础上进行扩展,机身和翼展分别加长了15米。原计划在安-225运输机的基础上建造拥有八具发动机的扩展版本,但是这项名为安-325的项目至今仍未实现。安-225是目前唯一一款由六具发动机驱动的商用运输机。 安-225至今已创下200项世界记录,其中包括为世界最重货物和世界最长货物提供空运服务。 查浦曼作为专门的包机服务商已与安-225合作成功完成多项货运包机项目,为我们的客户提供了可信赖的货运包机解决方案。我们的包机合作包括:首次从法兰克福-哈恩机场横跨大西洋飞往多伦多的航班,2010年进行的安-225首次商务包机飞行,目的地是南美洲。

Chapman Freeborn OBC launches new website for hand-carry services

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