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Chapman Freeborn provides charter flights for European search and rescue exercise

Chapman Freeborn’s passenger team has coordinated charter flights for search and rescue specialists taking part in a full-scale training exercise with participating agencies from across Europe.

The Modex 2013-2014 event in Estonia aimed to give rescue teams the opportunity to test European cooperation in the realistic environment of a disaster response exercise.

Participants from Austria, Estonia, Finland, Italy and Lithuania were called into action to respond to an earthquake and tidal wave that had affected the fictional country of Modexland.

With a large former Soviet military base providing the ideal location for recreating a disaster zone, agencies assisted each other with logistical support, equipment testing and search and rescue procedures.

Chapman Freeborn’s UK team was responsible for providing charter flights for the FINN RESCUE (FRF) – Finland’s international rescue squad which specialises in civil protection and disaster response missions.

An Estonian Air Embraer ERJ-170 aircraft was chartered for the round trip from Kuopio to Tallinn carrying 33 search and rescue professionals and two dogs which were also transported in the main cabin.

Click here to view a short YouTube video about the Modex 2013-2014 event.



Header image: Embraer ERJ-170 aircraft.

Body Image of Modex is copyright protected and appears courtesy of CMC Finland (all rights reserved).