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Do private jets have beds?

Flying on a private jet has many benefits, but the opportunity to catch 40 winks whilst travelling comes near the top of the list for many travellers.

Our private jet charter department often answer questions from discerning passengers such as what food to expect on a private jet, and whether you can bring your pets on board, but one of the most commonly-asked questions is – will my private jet have a bed?

Seating and sleeping configuration varies massively between the myriad of different aircraft types, each carefully designed to provide ultimate comfort for private jet passengers, depending on requirements.

We take a look at the various private jet types, and what sleeping options are available on each.

Turboprop aircraft and light jets

Embraer Phenom 100

Turboprops and light jets tend to be used for short-hops between cities and as such do not usually provide lie-flat beds, as sleeping is not likely a priority.

Comfort is still important however on board the smaller jet types – The Embraer Phenom 100 offers passengers large, reclining chairs, a spacious cabin and an impressive baggage compartment. Large windows and a spacious cockpit all contribute to this aircraft’s overall comfort.

Midsize private jets

Embraer Legacy 500

As you move up the size scale of private jets, lie-flat beds become far more frequent. Aircraft such as the immensely popular Cessna Citation XLS type offers up to 6 fully reclining seats and, in some configurations, a divan allowing for a very comfortable sleep.

Despite its impressive feature list, the Cessna Citation XLS was inspired by economy and efficiency, over comfort. For that reason, aircraft such as Embraer’s 450 and 500 private jet (which were designed with passenger comfort from the outset) provide unparalleled seating configurations, cabin capaciousness and ultra-quiet noise levels. Catching up on your beauty sleep is certainly possible on board a Legacy.

Long-range private jets

Gulfstream G550

For longer, cross-continental journeys, long-range and wide-body aircraft truly come in to their own. As the primary purpose of the jets is travelling greater distances, comfort has truly led the design brief, providing passengers with the creature comforts of home, even at 40,000 feet.

Most private jets in this category have divans or reclining chairs that can be converted into large, lie-flat sleeping areas. The Gulfstream G550, G650 and G650ER all boast impressive seating that converts roughly into the size of a European Queen bed – certainly fit for a queen.

Some long-range private jets even come with a stateroom option – essentially your own private bedroom – at the rear of the cabin.

Converted airliners

Airbus ACJ319

If you’re looking for the absolute ultimate in comfort and would prefer to travel with the equivalent amenities of a medium-sized house, then a converted airliner is the way to go.

These palatial planes often come equipped with full-sized bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms.

The most popular converted airliner is the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). Based on the successful B737 commercial aircraft, the BBJ offers customers over 800 sq foot of floor space, multiple lie-flat beds, various seating configurations, and a private master-bedroom with en-suite shower room.  The popularity of the BBJ series has led to the creation of The BBJ Max, BBJ 787, BBJ 777 and BBJ 747. These wide-body aircraft need to be seen to be believed. If you’re simply looking for an aircraft with a bed then this may be somewhat extreme, unless your entire extended family needs one too.

Whatever your requirement, whether that be for a bed, specific catering, number of seats, cargo capacity, or anything else, contact the team at Chapman Freeborn and we will be happy to assist.