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Can I drive straight up to my private jet?

The thought of commercial air travel, for most, conjures up images of crowded airport buses, endless security lines, and an altogether uncomfortable experience. This is why many savvy travellers opt to ditch the airport queues and fly privately instead.

A question often received by our private jet charter division is: “Can I drive straight up to my private jet?” well yes and no. Depending on the size of your aircraft (and the country of departure) you may be expected to spend a few minutes going through security. We might add however, that security at a private terminal is worlds apart from the security that we’ve grown to know and hate – queues are non-existent, gone are the crowded security halls, and you’ll likely find yourself with a cold refreshment in hand throughout the process.

It should also be noted that the strict security policies for commercial air travel are often in place to protect passengers from other passengers. As the only people on the plane will be yourself, your guests and the crew, things like volume limits on liquids and restrictions on sharp objects are non-existent. You will not need to remove your shoes, nor unpack your electronic devices, it’s a far more streamlined affair.

Once you have cleared security you will be either chauffeured directly to your aircraft, or you can opt for the airport staff to bring your personal vehicle through to you. Once your car arrives at the jet, simply hop out and hop on. Airports will typically provide parking and storage facilities for your personal vehicles so you can go directly from jet to jeep and continue your return journey.

For many, chartering a private jet is about luxury and extravagance. Whilst this statement can be true depending on the passenger, a key selling point for private aviation is the time saving element and the convenience. For business travellers, often the time saved by avoiding commercial security, aircraft delays and having the aircraft depart exactly when you want can offset the additional cost of a charter flight compared to a commercial ticket. Private aviation is not just for the rich and famous, or those with a taste for a lavish lifestyle, private aviation can be a cost effective solution for business travel.

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