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Five Kyoto attractions | Private jet charter

Japan’s former capital is located on Honshu island and renowned for its imperial palaces, stunning gardens, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines and wooden houses. Surrounded by hills, it’s one of Japan’s largest cities and boasts several universities. Known for its traditional legacies such as kaiseki dining and geisha entertainment, Kyoto has preserved much of its history.   

Fushimi Inari-taisha

Fushimi Inari-taisha is one of the most extraordinary temples in Kyoto. The main building was constructed in 1499 and features a 4km-long avenue of bright orange arches. There are around 32,000 arches along the route so allow 2-3 hours for the return hike. The gates represent the divisions between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Although built on an ancient site, the present Imperial Palace was constructed in 1855. Located near the centre of the city, this once-walled compound is outstanding. Visit the beautiful gates as well as the Hall for State Ceremonies, The Emperor’s Residence and the Courtroom. The tranquil gardens are open to the public, but the Palace itself can only be visited as part of a guided tour. Check the Imperial Household Agency website for information on how to book.

Nishiki market

Running one block to the north of Shijo Avenue (a 5-minute walk from Shijo station) Nishiki market is a Kyoto institution with a history of several centuries. Today, it’s a narrow shopping street served by over 100 shops and restaurants. Locals regard Nishiki Market as ‘Kyoto’s Kitchen’ and you’ll find all manner of fresh seafood, Japanese sweets and pickles, cookware and more. All foodstuffs at Nishiki market are produced locally.

Gion district

The renowned entertainment district most famous for its geisha legacy, Gion is small enough to explore on foot. The district has a fascinating blend of modern and historical architecture which provides an engaging backdrop to 17th-century restaurants and teahouses, as well as the Geisha experience. It also boasts some fine temples, including the Chion-in Temple with its 24m-high tower – home to the country’s largest bell.

Fushimi Sake District

Located in southern Kyoto, along the scenic Horikawa River, the Fushimi Sake District has used the river’s clean underground springs for centuries to produce its fine traditional sake. Home to around 40 sake breweries – some of which are open to the public – many of the buildings in Fushimi still have their traditional wood and white-plaster walls.

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