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Five reasons to visit Naples | Private jet charter

Located on the beautiful Bay of Naples, Italy’s major southern port city has a wealth of attractions for visitors. The home of pizza, Naples boasts superb seafood, Italian and international restaurants, a vibrant cultural scene, buzzing nightlife and a café for each day of the year with superb coffee. Enigmatic Mount Vesuvius provides the volcanic backdrop to this most exciting of Italian cities.

MADRE, the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina

Housed among three floors of the beautiful 19th-century Palazzo Donnaregina on Via dei Musei near the Duomo. Current exhibitions include the acclaimed Pompeii@Madre exhibition with hundreds of artefacts from the site. Warhol’s Vesuvius is also currently on loan from the Capodimente alongside other contemporary artists’ take on the Pompeii eruption. Peaceful courtyards provide areas of quiet contemplation alongside a relaxing rooftop terrace.

Royal Palace of Naples – Palazza Reale

The Royal Palace of Naples is now a popular museum located centrally on Piazza del Plebiscito, near Teatro San Carlo. The entrance and grand staircase is breathtaking, as are the sumptuous theatre and throne rooms.

Chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara

Naples is blessed with the most beautiful churches, and one of the most spectacular is the Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara. The Augustinians founded the church in 1343 and it retains many of its Medieval and Renaissance features, including spectacular frescoes, ornate main and side altars, high ceilings and paintings.

Mount Vesuvius and Mount Vesuvius National Park

Dominating the Naples skyline is the still-active volcano Mount Vesuvius that last erupted in 1944. Its most famous eruption occurred in 79AD which buried the cities of Pompeii, Stabiae, and Herculaneum. Now a protected area, Mount Vesuvius National Park has superb hiking trails that lead to the crater edge as well as giving superb views over the Bay of Naples.

Visit Pompeii

Just a 45-minute drive from Naples, the enigmatic excavated ruins of Pompeii are unmissable. Hire a car or take a train that stops just 700m from the site entrance. You can easily spend a day or more exploring here – it’s a vast area. An audio guide is provided with admission which is essential, otherwise hire a local guide. And remember to pick up a map. Facilities are minimal with only one small café. Bring water, sunscreen and wear trainers or walking boots as the terrain is cobbled streets and is rocky in parts.

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