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Aircraft leasing – Short term

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Urgent operational support, always on standby

Short-term ACMI Leasing (up to 3 months) can offer flexible solutions when unpredictable operational issues arise. Chapman Freeborn can help alleviate the risk, so you can take off into the skies in as little time as possible, with minimal fuss. Our 24-hour specialist team offers around-the-clock expertise for operations worldwide.

Aircraft wet-leasing short-term

Crew illness, AOG, diverted flights, shortest of staff, and even the smallest delays can have a major effect on ongoing operations. Our team can provide you with flight-ready solutions that will allow you to continue with your existing schedule. Our short-term wet-leasing solutions are here to help your airline in any emergency. Short-term wet-leasing an airplane can help ensure smooth operations during peak travel times, offering a flexible solution to immediate capacity demands.


We provide specialist solutions for:

  • Aircraft leasing up to 3 months
  • Available 24/7365
  • Wet leasing
  • Damp leasing
  • Dry leasing
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