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ACMI Aircraft leasing – Short term

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Urgent operational support, always on standby

Operational disruption can occur at any time and it is vital for operators to maintain programme integrity with minimal disturbance to passengers. Chapman Freeborn is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing operational support to airlines globally. The smallest of delay can have a considerable impact on an airlines schedule with the knock-on effect disrupting operations for days. This can be caused by an AOG, crew sickness, bad weather or strike action and it is paramount for airlines to minimize delays.

Short term ACMI leasing is an emergency recovery service for airlines. Chapman Freeborn offers unrivalled operational and commercial airline experience and with our extensive network of connections and our global database, Chapman Freeborn will source the most suitable solution in a timely fashion. Whilst isolating the disrupted schedule to Chapman Freeborn, the airlines operational team is then able to focus on preserving service continuity.

In addition to providing aircraft, our ACMI Leasing team is supported directly by our dedicated OBC team (onboard courier), private jet and cargo departments, giving Chapman Freeborn the expertise and manpower to support operations depts globally in the provision of crew hotac, movement of spare parts members.


We provide specialist solutions for:

  • Aircraft leasing up to 3 months
  • Available 24/7365
  • Wet leasing
  • Damp leasing
  • Dry leasing
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