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Infographic: Brazil air charter demand soars in 2014

Following the World Cup draw last month, international football fans are rushing to secure flights to Brazil.

View our interactive infographic to find out why the global football showcase is set to be the biggest yet!

As global aircraft charter specialists with our own São Paulo office, we would like to update you about flying to/from Brazil in the lead up to and during the event.

Our multilingual air charter experts can assist with all international charter flights to and from Brazil (private jets and airliners for group travel).

Although host cities are spread out over a geographical area the size of Europe, aircraft availability for charters within Brazil is currently very limited (no foreign registered aircraft are authorised to operate internal flights during the World Cup).

However, Chapman Freeborn is now pleased to be able to offer a selection of Brazilian-registered aircraft for group charter flights of 45 – 118 passengers.

For more information on chartering an aircraft, please get in touch with Chapman Freeborn’s São Paulo team. Tel: +55 11 3047 1100  Email

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