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Marking four decades of innovative aircraft charter solutions

This month Chapman Freeborn is celebrating its 40th anniversary and we’re renowned for providing innovative aircraft charter solutions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake diverse projects – whether it’s for a one-off private jet flight, a multi-date music tour or a humanitarian airdrop contract.

We were also the first international air charter company to establish a global footprint and promote charter services in emerging markets like Asia, Africa and South America.

However, none of this should come as a surprise as Chapman Freeborn was founded in 1973 – a big year for innovation.

As we blogged last week, various aviation breakthroughs took place in 1973 including Concorde’s first non-stop transatlantic crossing (the photo above is from our company weekend which we just celebrated at Brooklands in the UK).

Outside of aviation, it was also the year of the world’s first mobile phone call, America’s first experimental space station was launched into orbit, the first barcodes were used in food stores, Kawasaki launched the jet ski, and the technique of DNA cloning was invented.

To download a free high-resolution copy of our innovation infographic click here.