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Mountain-hopping helicopters

To round off our ski series (Courchevel – The ultimate ski destination & Ski spotlight  – Dassault Falcon 8X) we take a look at the final piece to your transport puzzle – short-hop helis.

While many alpine airports are accessible by both commercial passenger aircraft and private jets, not all are – on occasion short runways, and limited infrastructure restricts visiting aircraft to helicopters and turboprops.

Airport limitations mean that a drive may be necessary between the international airport and your final destination. For most ski enthusiasts every moment on the slopes counts. Time wasted in airport queues, on long distance drives to the chalet (let alone sitting in alpine traffic) is time that could be used to shred fresh powder.

Short-hopping helicopter flights are a perfect way to avoid the stress and hassle of international travel. Chapman Freeborn’s executive team can arrange private helicopters from the airport directly to your final destination, meaning you’ll be on the slopes that much sooner.

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