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Chapman Freeborn demonstrates its heavy and outsize cargo charter expertise

When it comes to moving heavy and outsize air cargo, no other name in the charter broker industry carries more weight than Chapman Freeborn.

The company’s global network of offices and expertise with heavy-lift freighters makes it the right size for outsize.

Chapman Freeborn’s cargo team regularly provide clients with project studies that include assessing the loadability of pieces, organising cargo inspections at the manufacturer’s facility, and advising on packaging requirements.

Sometimes the margins are very fine and there’s no room for error. For example, on one recent Chapman Freeborn charter the piece was specially designed to fit the contours of the Antonov 124 – leaving just 1.5cm spare to play with at the top and sides.

Here are a few other recent outsize charter highlights:

– An Ilyushin 76 freighter was utilised to move a 24-ton thruster from Trieste (TRS) to New Orleans (MSY) on behalf of a Belgian freight forwarder client. The loading of the giant cargo via two cranes and the Ilyushin 76’s heavy load ramp was overseen by Chapman Freeborn Italy.

– An Antonov 124 charter was coordinated by Chapman Freeborn’s Belgium team to transport bulky oil rig equipment from Santiago de Chile (SCL) to Luanda (LAD) on behalf of a freight forwarding client. Chapman Freeborn Brazil’s Andre Rodriguez flew to the Chilean capital to help oversee the loading process.

– Chapman Freeborn’s Belgium office also arranged eight Antonov 124 charters from Ostend to Perth. The cargo consignment included six 40-foot high-cube containers with insulation materials destined for an energy project in Western Australia.

– Chapman Freeborn’s US and UAE teams arranged an Antonov 124 cargo charter to fly a giant Warrior vehicle from Al Maktoum International Airport to Bagram in Afghanistan. It weighed 37.5 tons and measured L 15.52m x W 2.9m x H 3.38m. Wooden planks were used during the loading process to avoid the vehicle’s chains damaging the tarmac.

– Chapman Freeborn was also called upon to assist with an Ilyushin 76 charter to transport two Eurocopter helicopters from Cayenne (CAY) to Abidjan (ABJ). Valerie Tanguy from the Paris team travelled to Cayenne to manage the loading operation and accompany the freight on its way to the Ivory Coast via Cape Verde.

– Chapman Freeborn’s Africa team arranged the delivery of a large power transformer from China to Tanzania. The 26 ton piece was flown from Hong Kong to Dubai on a Boeing 747 Freighter, followed by an Ilyushin 76 cargo charter from Sharjah to Mwanza.

– Chapman Freeborn Africa also delivered a piece of time-critical outsize cargo from Shanghai to Doha following a plant shutdown. The 17 ton part measured over 15 metres and was successfully flown to Qatar on a Boeing 747 Freighter.

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