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Chapman Freeborn Flight Support team up with Global Aircraft Services for successful ferry flight operations during pandemic

Chapman Freeborn regularly provides flight support for ferry flights operating around the globe. Efficient planning has always been important to the successful operation of these flights however, with the current COVID-19 pandemic it has become vital to the safe operation of the aircraft and importantly the wellbeing of the crew.

Global Aircraft Services are an industry leader in the provision of services for commercial aircraft, when they were looking for a flight support partner they chose Chapman Freeborn. This collaboration provides clients with a seamless operation with the two companies combining expertise to ensure our clients receive unrivalled support.

This expertise is proving to be invaluable with flights operating in the current COVID-19 pandemic has brought fresh challenges to the Global Aircraft Services and Chapman Freeborn teams.

Recently a flight from Everett, USA to Johannesburg, South Africa required precise planning and monitoring to keep it on track with its planned schedule.

Reduced airport opening times and restrictions on crew immigration meant that any delay could result in a serious and expensive issue for the client. Chapman Freeborn Flight Support worked hard to identify alternative airports throughout the planned route ensuring they were operational at the times when they could be required. Checks were made that they were COVID-19 safe for the crew and had no restrictions on crew immigration. The flight was carefully monitored by the Flight Support Team throughout to ensure backup plans could be activated in the event of any issues arising.

The ferrying of aircraft has also been affected by the global pandemic and this was recently highlighted when a client required to ferry an aircraft from Thailand to the West coast of America. Strict immigration restrictions meant no foreign crew would be able to obtain permission to enter Thailand. Chapman Freeborn Flight Support investigated a number of solutions to ensure a crew were available to operate the aircraft and were eventually able to find a solution. Whilst the crew logistics were being resolved a local engineering company was contracted to undertake all necessary checks on the aircraft and to ensure, on a daily basis, that the aircraft was ready to fly.

Some successful examples of how Global Aircraft Services and Chapman Freeborn work together to provide combined expertise for our clients.

Chapman Freeborn Flight Support work with partners across the globe to identify solutions to meet our client’s needs.