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Chapman Freeborn unveils new look for growing OBC division

World-renowned for its award-winning cargo charter services, Chapman Freeborn has announced it is to raise the profile of its specialist on board courier (OBC) division following the successful global expansion of the service last year.

Cologne-headquartered Chapman Freeborn OBC – which branched out into the Asian market with the establishment of an office in Hong Kong last year – has unveiled a brand new look including a redesign of its logo, new imagery and supporting materials.

The refresh also follows the introduction of a new client tool for tracking global shipments online, and further underlines Chapman Freeborn’s commitment to growing its portfolio of value-added services which complement its core aircraft charter activities.

Carsten Volk, Chapman Freeborn OBC’s global product manager, said:

“Whether it’s a time-critical document or 30 boxes of automotive parts, a dedicated courier accompanies shipments from pick up to delivery straight to the recipient. We take great pride in the quality of our service and we wanted to ensure that our branding and communications reflect this.”

On hand, in hand, by hand

Chapman Freeborn OBC provides transportation solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements – with dedicated couriers accompanying each shipment every step of the way.

In addition to being fully insured and professionally trained, Chapman Freeborn’s couriers possess passports and visas for countries that are traditionally very difficult to access – making the service invaluable for multinational businesses which are vulnerable to supply chain delays.

One recent example saw Chapman Freeborn OBC tasked with an assignment to transport an urgent 13kg shipment of prototype technology from Mexico to South Korea on behalf of a European-headquartered cell phone manufacturer.

However, when the courier arrived in Monterrey the team was informed the required shipment had increased to five high-value packages totalling over 50kg.

The necessary excess-baggage arrangements were made with the airline and provisions were made ahead of the courier’s arrival in Frankfurt.  Customs agents assisted in ensuring the courier and his high-value consignment made the connecting flight to Seoul and the prototypes were hand-delivered on schedule.