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The world’s leading private jet manufacturers

At Chapman Freeborn, our private jet charter experts have unrivaled knowledge of aircraft produced by all major business jet manufacturers. Over the next 8 weeks, the Chapman Freeborn blog will be taking a closer look at each of these companies.

Airbus Corporate Jets

private jet manufacturers Airbus Corporate Jets

Airbus are best recognised as manufacturers of large aircraft that are commonly used by commercial airlines. However, since 1997, they have also been designing and producing business jets. Airbus offer the most modern and comprehensive jets in the world, focusing on giving customers wide and spacious cabins to travel in.

Beechcraft Corporation

private jet manufactureres Beechcraft Corporation

The Beechcraft Corporation, formerly known as Hawker Beechcraft, was founded in 1932. As of today, there is a range of nine different Hawker business jets available. These aircraft vary in size, being able to hold between 5 and 12 passengers.

Boeing Business Jets

private jet manufacturers Boeing Business Jets

Boeing have been manufacturing commercial aircraft since 1916, and in the late 1990s, they also entered the private jet market. Recently, Boeing have been creating business jets based on the 777, 787 and the 747, which can hold up to around 50 passengers and also have enough space for a master bedroom, bathroom and living area.

Bombardier Business Aircraft

private jet manufacturers bombardier business jets

Bombardier Aerospace are the third largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. They construct an extensive range of jets to suit all different purposes of their clients, grouping them into the Learjet, Challenger and Global collections. These are light, medium and large-sized jets respectively.

Cessna Aircraft

private jet manufacturers cessna jets

Cessna have been producing aircraft since 1927 and boast an extremely popular line of Citation business jets. They currently have eight different aircraft models in production, including the Cessna Citation Excel, which is the most popular private jet in the U.S.

Dassault Aviation


Dassault Aviation is a French company that was founded in 1929. In recent years, they have constructed many medium-sized business jet models, as well as the larger Falcon 7X, which is almost 80 foot long and has a range of just over 11,000 km.

Embraer Executive Jets

private jet manufacturers embraer

Embraer began operations in 1969. The Brazilian company originally specialised in turboprop planes, but since the year 2000, they have branched out into the business jet sector. Their Legacy models are very popular mid-size aircraft, and profits are further supported by their Phenom and Lineage ranges.

Gulfstream Aerospace

private jet manufacturers gulfstream jets

Gulfstream Aerospace were founded in 1958 and they have produced a number of extremely popular medium and large business jets. Their aircraft are some of the fastest business jets in the world, and they are currently awaiting confirmation of a new world record time linking Paris and Dubai in their Gulfstream G280.

Join us over the next 8 weeks as we take a closer look at each manufacturer, their history, and the business jets they manufacture.