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Six reasons to charter a private jet with Chapman Freeborn

Flying on a commercial aircraft is often an arduous experience, even in business and first class. Despite this, many travellers don’t stop to consider the advantages of flying private, so to help spread the message, we have compiled the top six benefits of chartering a business jet.


1.    Flexibility


Chartering a private jet offers a lot more flexibility in all aspects of your flight. Fly from where and when you want, fly alone or with a group of friends, and enjoy dining in front of your very own hand-picked in-flight entertainment system. No matter where you want to go and how you want to spend your time in the air, it is up to you when chartering a private jet.


2.    Security


At Chapman Freeborn, safety and security are top priority. With every operator vetted, all paperwork scrutinised, and legal and regulatory matters dealt with the utmost care, chartering a business jet ensures absolute devotion and commitment toward passenger peace of mind.


3.    Comfort


There is no luxury without comfort – it is an inherent aspect of any aircraft chartering experience. Share your flight with as few or as many people as you want. Enjoy spacious cabins, large and comfortable chairs, and even a king size bed. Decide on the food you want to eat and use the onboard facilities alongside the passengers you know and trust.


4.    Facilities


The facilities that many private jets offer put the same amenities at your disposal that a luxury hotel might. Large, fully enclosed lavatories, and even showers in some aircraft models, help keep you refreshed regardless of the length of your flight. Fully equipped galleys allow you to enjoy everything from your favourite snacks to delicious gourmet meals – a far cry from the airline food so frequently dreaded on commercial flights.


5.    Productivity


If you need to get some work done on your flight, an appropriately equipped private jet can supply you with the perfect environment in which to do so. With Wi-Fi connectivity, satellite phones, and even a full complement of office equipment in some aircraft, there is no need for you to fall behind on projects because you are travelling. Additionally, the cabins of many private jets can be adjusted to include a boardroom complete with tables and chairs, meaning that even meetings can be properly conducted while you’re in the air.


6.    Entertainment


Many modern jets have built-in entertainment systems, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of film and TV rather than just one or two in-flight movies and a repeating radio station. Depending on the jet you charter, you can listen to your own music, watch DVDs and Blu-Rays, and even play video games.