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There’s only one way to get to Mardi Gras

If you’re looking to head to Mardi Gras, there’s no better way to travel than on a private jet, or a group charter flight. Not only will your trip be luxurious, and relaxing but you’ll enjoy getting to skip out on the chaos of traveling on a commercial plane. By booking through Chapman Freeborn, you can leave the worries of traveling to us. Leaving you to enjoy a nap on the jet before you get there, allowing you to have plenty of energy to party the night away, or if you want, you can start the party early and enjoy tasty cocktails during your flight.

What type of jet do you want to fly on?

The biggest choice you need to make when flying by private jet to New Orleans is which type of plane you want to travel on. A turbo-prop? A long-range jet? A light jet? A piston? A mid-size jet? Yes, there are a lot of options, but when you book your flight through a company that specializes in private jet charter, you can rest assured a jet specialist will assess your needs and help you choose the best option available.

Plenty of airport options

If you’re flying down to Mardi Gras, there are going to be several nearby private airport options for you to choose from. The most-preferred choice by those who fly on private jet charter into New Orleans is Lakefront. This airport used to be the city’s primary and original aviation hub for many years until Moisant Field was opened; this airport now goes by the name Louis Armstrong International Airport. If you don’t want to fly into Lakefront, though, you will have other options to the west and northeast, with Slidell and Reserve being two cities home to a couple of the runways. Five other airports near New Orleans that you can fly a private jet into include:

  • (KHUM, HUM) Houma-Terrebonne – Houma, LA
  • (KMJD, MJD) Picayune Municipal – Picayuna, LA
  • (KHSA, HSA) Stennis International – Bay St. Louis, MS
  • (66Y) Diamondhead – Diamondhead, MS
  • (KREG, REG) Louisiana Regional – Gonzales, LA


What are the benefits of traveling on a private jet charter to Mardi Gras?

We could talk for days about the benefits to be gained when traveling on a private jet to Mardi Gras. But for starters, let’s talk about avoiding all the chaos at a commercial airport. When you fly on a commercial plane, especially to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, you are going to be dealing with a lot of people, and when we say a lot, we mean thousands upon thousands. The chaos at a commercial airport during this time of year can be extremely frustrating. From overbooked flights to having to stand in incredibly long security lines, you may find yourself extremely delayed due to issues out of your control.

With private jet charter, though, you don’t have to worry about long lines. Instead, you can drive right up to your jet, have your baggage loaded for you and board the plane in as little as five minutes. And while we’re talking about baggage, let’s not forget that you won’t have to deal with baggage fees when you’re flying on a private jet. This means you can bring along as many bags as you want as long as they fit on board. Want to bring along 50 different outfits for your stay in New Orleans? That’s perfectly fine! Bring them and don’t worry about having to pay extra baggage fees.

Another excellent reason to take advantage of flying on a private jet charter to Mardi Gras is because you can get the party started early. From the moment you step aboard, you can order fresh cocktails or sip on your favorite cold brew. You don’t even have to wait until your flying high in the sky. Simply let the flight attendant know which type of drinks you want served, and you’ll be enjoying a cold one in no time. Once you arrive to an airport near New Orleans, you’ll be feeling great and ready to continue to the party.

If you’re wanting to bring along a few friends on your trip to Mardi Gras, there truly is no better way to travel than by a private jet. And for those of you who think that booking a private jet charter is only for the rich and famous, you need to think again. There are many jet chartering companies nowadays that provide reasonable prices, many of which are comparable to first-class tickets aboard a commercial plane. And when you take into consideration that you won’t have to pay baggage fees, you may even find you are able to save money by flying on a private jet.

The takeaway

Gone are the days of having to stand in long lines and deal with the chaos of traveling through a commercial airport. From delayed flights to cramped space on the plane, there are endless reasons that you will want to avoid flying commercially and instead fly aboard a private jet charter. And with so many private airports to choose from close to New Orleans, you are sure to enjoy a flight that lands you very close to your hotel or resort location.

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