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Chapman Freeborn’s list of top benefits for leisure travellers

“Every passenger has special criteria. We are here to help match their specific needs and budgets to the perfect aircraft and crew,” said Helen Hollis, V.P. Passenger Charters – Americas at Chapman Freeborn Airchartering. Private jets are seen as much more accessible now in terms of value, benefits, and safety. The total experience is evaluated as a smart choice.

“Passengers who typically fly in the first class cabin are choosing to raise the bar on their experience and fly privately, Hollis said. We have always appealed to high net worth individuals, but their tipping point has changed. Now, in addition to the increased health and safety protocols, they are also factoring in convenience, time savings and reaching their destination directly.”  There are a number of benefits to private air travel:

1. Set your own flight schedule

Another facet of the growing demand has been the cuts to commercial flights servicing various small- and mid-size cities, leaving travellers with undesirable options. Faced with multiple connections and stopovers, a direct private flight looks ever so appealing.

2. Fly from smaller, more convenient airports

Private aircraft can fly into smaller and more remote airports that most commercial airlines can’t access. This allows private aircraft to fly direct routes to a passenger’s destination of choice. Bags are deposited and collected planeside.

3. Make the most of your time

Arrive just 15 minutes early. Avoid long security lines, in the terminal or at customs. If you choose to arrive earlier, your airport location may offer pre-flight refreshments in the VIP lounge or Wi-Fi for last minute messages. You can walk from your car or from a private terminal right onto the plane.

4. Aircraft and crew adhere to strict CDC health and safety guidelines

Keeping the passengers personal well-being in mind, expanded safety measures will remain in place. Every aircraft is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each flight. There is also comfort for adults or parents that might also need to bring medications over the liquid ounce limits or other restrictions on commercial flights.

5. Limited personal interactions. Fly with those you know

According to research by McKinsey and Co. released earlier this year, families traveling with kids and pets are expected to charter more private jets in 2021. As a result, private jet operators are expected to offer more amenities for children and pets. There are already comfortable sleeping areas for naps, but there may also be in-flight entertainment systems, books and toys.

6. Bring your family pet along with you

Bring your furry family members without a problem. When commercial airlines changed the rules for therapy animals in December 2020, lots of pet owners chose to fly privately.

7. Choose your own catered meals

The world is literally your oyster. Any catering is available as you wish, plus you can request healthy snacks and drinks for children.


Overall, with less worry and less hassle, private jets are a better value for leisure travel. The whole enhanced experience makes the trip worthwhile.